Step 2: Setting page guides

Your new page already has non-printing margin guides to help you later place a text frame for the body of the letter, but you should create page guides now to help place other objects on the page.

1. Choose ''Set Page Guides'' command from the ''Layout'' menu.

The ''Set Page Guides'' dialog box will appear. It has rulers representing the vertical and horizontal directions of your page. Margin and column guides are not shown on these rulers, so there will not be any guides shown yet.

2. Create the guides.

Click on the vertical ruler at 0.5" to create a new horizontal guide. A black line to the right of the ruler will indicate its position. If the value shown in the Position text box is not 0.5", drag the black marker to make it 0.5", or enter 0.5" into the text box. Create a second guide at 2."

3. Click ''OK''.


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