The Toolbox Panel

Select a ''Toolbox'' layout.

SectionHorz, Vert
Enter the default corner radii for rounded boxes.

SectionStart, End
Enter the default arc and pie starting and ending angles. These options apply to arcs and pies only; not actual ellipses.

Enter the default number of sides for polygons, from 3 to 999.

Enter the default angle at which a polygon should be rotated before being drawn.

Enter the default radius of the alternate points for polygons, as a percentage of the actual radius.

Enter the default angle at which the alternate points of a polygon should be deflected from the actual points, from 0 to 100%. 50% is centered between points.

SectionDrag Zoom
Choose whether to drag the magnified area from the upper left or the center. Holding down the shift key while draging the area to magnify will toggle the drag zoom mode temporarily.

Enter the default increment for the ''Magnify'' tool. When you click on the screen with the ''Magnify'' tool selected, the magnification will be changed by this percent. 100% is equivalent to no change; 200% would double the magnification. Do not enter an increment of less than 101%, because you can hold down a Shift key while clicking on the screen to reduce magnification.

Select the default text column frame background. Use the ''Line & Fill'' command from the ''Object'' menu to change an existing text frame.

Enter the default gutter space between columns in a text column frame.


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