The Drawing Panel

SectionOn double click
Select the action to be performed when you double-click in the window. ''Flash Screen'' will flash the screen to alert you that you double-clicked. ''Object Command'' allows you to choose from a list of selected ''Object'' menu commands to perform when you double-click on an object. ''Play Script'' allows you to choose an internal PageStream script to execute when you double-click on an object.

This pop-up menu is visible only when ''Object Command'' or ''Play Script'' are selected from the ''On Double Click'' pop-up menu. When ''Object Command'' is selected, the ''Do'' pop-up menu lists ''Object'' menu commands. When ''Play Script'' is selected, the current internal PageStream scripts are listed.

SectionDuplicate offset
Enter the default offsets to use for the Duplicate command.

SectionNudge Amount
Enter the default nudge amount. Use the arrow keys to nudge the selected object(s) this amount; hold down a Shift key while using the arrows to nudge object(s) a tenth of the normal amount.


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