Moving Around the Page

Unless you have a large monitor or are working on a small page, you may not be able to see the whole page at once at actual size. You can use the window's horizontal and vertical scrollbars to scroll the page within the window. PageStream will automatically scroll the page in the window when you drag the mouse near the edge of the window while drawing, scaling, moving or selecting.

Alternatively, you can drag the page within the window by holding down the Command (Right Amiga) key while dragging the mouse. If you have a three button mouse, simply drag while holding down the middle button.

NoteAmiga Users: PageStream is capable of opening on a virtual screen, so you can create a screen size larger than your monitor. As the mouse nears the edge of the physical screen, the virtual screen will scroll to show its hidden areas. See your AmigaOS manual for more information on virtual screens.


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