Selecting and Editing Text

The Text tool can be used to select, change or delete text.

SectionSelecting text
To select a range of text: Drag the text cursor over the text to select, or extended or contract the selected range of text using the cursor keys will holding down a Shift key.

To select a word or paragraph: Double or triple click, respectively, on the text.

To select all of the text in an article: Choose Select All from the Edit menu or quadruple click on the text.

To deselect text: Click in the text. This will reposition the insertion point.

SectionEditing text
You can edit text in PageStream using PageStream's word processing features, or you can edit text in another program. PageStream offers standard mouse and keyboard text editing features.

To edit text in a text editor or word processor instead of PageStream, place the insertion point in the text and choose Send to Editor from the Edit menu. When you have finished editing, choose Save and Close in the text editor. Amiga users can also use PageLiner, the companion article editor included with PageStream for Amiga.

SectionCutting and pasting text
Once text is selected for editing in PageStream or a text editor, you can cut or copy it to the clipboard. After text has been copied, it can be pasted elsewhere in the article or document.

Choose Copy from the Edit menu to copy selected text to the clipboard. Choose Cut from the Edit menu to copy selected text to the clipboard and to remove it from the article.

To paste copied text into an article, position the insertion point and choose Paste from the Edit menu.


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