Importing Text

You can import ASCII text files in PageStream. If you wish to import text attributes, paragraph attributes and style tags, you may also import text files saved in the RTF (Rich Text Format) format. The vast majority of word processors can save in the RTF format. Check your word processor's documentation to learn about how to export text in the standard RTF text format. Other formats are also supported.

SectionHow to import text

1. Choose the ''Text tool''.

Choose the ''Text tool'' and place the insertion point to specify where you want to insert text.

2. Choose ''Insert Text'' from the ''File'' menu.

Select a file in the ''Insert Text'' file selector. Click ''Open''.

3. Choose the import options.

The ''Insert Text'' dialog box will appear. Click ''Insert'' to import the text.

4. Deselect the text.

Click in the text to deselect it. The imported text will be selected if ''Select Text on Paste'' in the ''Files panel'' in ''Preferences'' is selected.

NoteIf more text is imported than will fit in the column(s), overset text will occur. To automatically create enough text frames for imported text, choose ''Automatic Text Frames'' in the ''Files panel'' in ''Preferences''.


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