The PageStream Screen

SectionThe components of a PageStream screen
When you create a document, PageStream opens a document window containing an empty page. The location of some controls may differ depending on the computer you have, but the functionality is identical.

A The toolbar allows you to select commonly used commands. It is shown when ''Show Toolbar'' is selected from the ''Window'' menu. It can be configured via the Toolbar panel of the ''Preferences'' dialog box.

B The document and view name is shown at the top of the document window.

C The rulers help you lay out your pages. They are shown when ''Show Rulers'' is selected from the ''Layout'' menu.

D The toolbox contains tools to change modes and to draw and manipulate objects. It is shown when ''Show Toolbox'' is selected from the ''Window'' menu.

E The page borders are shown in the window.

F Margin guides on all sides of the page show the area in which you normally place text frames and objects.

G Column guides divide your page into a columnar grid to help you design your page. Margin and column guides are shown when ''Show Guides'' is selected from the ''Layout'' menu.

H These controls set the magnification and change pages.

I The ''Edit palette'' shows object coordinates and sets text attributes. It is shown when ''Show Edit Palette'' is selected from the ''Window'' menu.

    Customizing Your Screen
    Indeterminate State of Controls
    View and Page Controls


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Related Tips
If you want PageStream to remember the position of the palettes, toolbox and document window when you next use the program, choose the Remember Window Positions command from the Window menu. The position and size of the current document window will be saved as the default for future document windows.