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SETTEXTFRAME Object Commands

Toggles the ability of a shape to hold text.

settextframe [status] [COLUMNS number] [GUTTER space] [mode] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number]

status/k Toggles the text frame status.

Options: ON Makes it a text frame.
OFF Makes it a normal object.
TOGGLE Toggles the text frame ability.

COLUMNS/i The number of columns in the frame.

GUTTER/d The space between columns.

mode/k The user prompt mode for off.

Options: force | alert | quiet (default).

Force deletes text in the frame without asking for confirmation, alert opens an alert box for confirmation, and quiet deletes without confirmation but returns an error if text is deleted.

DOCUMENT/s The document name.

WINDOW/s The window name.

OBJECTID/i The number of the object. Default=current.


settextframe on columns 3

settextframe off quiet


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Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-03 12:23:43

Script command submitted from PageStream internal documentation. Needs to be checked and merged with the command documentation above.
Sets the {...} .

SetTextFrame ([ON|OFF|TOGGLE] [COLUMNS columncount] [GUTTER gutter | PGS41: CUSTOMWIDTHS {width gutter} width] [PGS41:MARGINS left top right bottom] [QUIET | FORCE | ALERT] [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | OBJECTID objectid])




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User Contributed Comments For SetTextFrame