SetStrokeWidth Undefined Command


Sets the stroke join for an object, or for a stroke style tag. If nothing is selected, it sets the stroke join for future objects.

setstrokewidth | ROUND | BEVEL> [ALL | STROKENUMBER number] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number | STYLETAG name]

MITER/d Sets a miter join.

DEFAULT Sets the default miter limit (11).

ROUND Sets a round join.

BEVEL Sets a bevel join.

ALL Sets the fill and stroke fill.


FILL Sets the fill only.

STROKENUMBER/i Sets a stroke only. See notes.

DOCUMENT/s The document name.

WINDOW/s The window name.

OBJECTID/i The number of the object.


STYLETAG/s Sets the attribute for a style tag.


STROKENUMBER: Strokes are numbered from 0. This is different than the program interface which numbers them from 1.


setstrokejoin bevel

setstrokejoin round strokenumber 1 object

setstrokejoin miter 15


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