PageStream User Documentation

PageStream User Documentation

    The Credits
    Interface-Based Table of Contents
        Document Window
        Edit Palette
        Color Palette
        Style Palette
        Script Palette
        Layer Palette
        Page Palette
        Document Palette
    Getting Started
        Installing PageStream
        Exploring PageStream
            The Navigator
            Creating a New Document
            Opening a Document
                How to Open an Existing Document
                Recent Documents
                Font Substitution
                Appending a Document
            Saving a Document
                Saving a Document for the First Time
                Saving as a Template
                Revision Log Entry
            The PageStream Screen
                Customizing Your Screen
                Indeterminate State of Controls
                View and Page Controls
        Using Objects
            Drawing Shapes and Paths
            Drawing Text Frames and Tables
            Importing Graphics
            Selecting Objects
            Moving and Resizing Objects
                How to Move Objects
                How to Resize Objects
        Using Text
            Creating Text Frames and Text Blocks
            Typing Text
            Importing Text
            Selecting and Editing Text
            Moving Between Documents
            Moving Between Pages
            Moving Around the Page
            Changing View Magnifications
            Using Bookmarks
        Customizing PageStream
            How to Navigate in the Preferences Dialog Box
            The General Panel
            The Type Panel
            The Measurement Panel
            The Drawing Panel
            The View Panel
            The Files Panel
            The Folders Panel
            The Editors Panel
            The Toolbox Panel
            The Toolbar Panel
            System Preferences
                Font Preferences
                    Installing Fonts for use with PageStream Amiga
                Screen Preferences
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
        Lesson 1: Creating a Letterhead
            Step 1: Starting a new document
            Step 2: Setting page guides
            Step 3: Placing a graphic
            Step 4: Saving your work
            Step 5: Changing view magnifications
            Step 6: Moving an object
            Step 7: Scaling an object
            Step 8: Creating a text block
            Step 9: Setting text attributes
            Step 10: Creating a text column frame
            Step 11: Saving as a template
            Step 12: Closing and opening documents
            Step 13: Importing text
            Step 14: Printing the document
        Lesson 2: Designing a Menu
            Step 1: Setting the measurement system
            Step 2: Starting a new document
            Step 3: Setting master page guides
            Step 4: Placing graphics
            Step 5: Creating a text block
            Step 6: Setting Text Attributes
            Step 7: Positioning the text block
            Step 8: Creating multiple text columns
            Step 9: Importing text
            Step 10: Setting dot leaders
            Step 11: Printing the document
        The Layout Grid
            Creating Master Pages
            Master Page Objects
            Moving Between Pages
            Page Arrangement
            Page Spreads
            Moving Between Chapters
            Chapter Arrangement
            Page Numbers in Chapters
            Chapter Numbering
        Rulers and Measurements
            Changing measurement systems
            Changing the rulers
        Guides and the Grid
            The Grid
        Revision History
        Document Window
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
        Putting Text on the Page
            Creating Text Frames
            Text Frame Options
            Creating Text Blocks
            Creating Tables
            Text Frame Links
        Typing and Importing text
            Typing Text
            Importing Text
            Exporting Text
        Selecting Text
        Copying and Pasting Text
        Spell Checking
        Finding and Changing
            Finding and Changing Text
            Finding and Changing Text Attributes
        Formatting Text
            Applying Text Attributes with the Eyedropper Tool
            Applying Text Attributes with the Edit Palette
        Character Attributes
            Size and Width
            Type Styles
            Line, Fill and Color
                Font Specific Tracking
            Character and Word Spacing
            Auto Kerning and Ligatures
                Defining Custom Kerning Pairs
            Manual Kerning
            Convert Case
        Paragraph Attributes
            Paragraph Spacing
            Paragraph Type
            Paragraph Rules
            Keep Together
                Define Hyphenation
        Paragraph and Character Styles
            Creating and Editing Styles
            Applying Styles
        Interrupting Text Flow
        Insert Variable
            Date Variables
            Time Variables
            Revision Number Variables
            Text Marks
            User Variables
        Large Document Publishing
            Indexing a Document
            Creating a Table of Contents
            Creating a Table of Figures
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
            Importing Graphics
            Exporting Graphics
        Creating Graphics
            Drawing Shapes
            Drawing Paths
        Using Objects
            Selecting Objects
            Working with Groups
            Working with Drawings
            Comparing Drawings with Groups
            Creating Layers
            Naming Layers
            Flatten Layers
            Adjust Stack Order
            Active Drawing Layer
            Locking Layers
            Hiding Layers
        Copying and Pasting Objects
            Duplicating Objects
        Editing Objects
        Moving Objects
        Scaling Objects
        Reshaping Objects
            Reshaping Arcs
            Reshaping Grids
            Reshaping Paths
            Reshaping Tables
        Object Transformation
            Transforming Objects
            Rotating Objects
        Aligning and Distributing Objects
            Aligning Objects
            Distributing Objects
        Compound Objects & Composite Paths
        Cropping Graphics
        Path Functions
            Masking Graphics
            Generating a Mask Automatically
        Anchored Objects
        Setting Object Attributes
            Applying Object Attributes with the Eyedropper Tool
            Line, Fill, Color and Trapping
            Text Wrap
        Object Styles
            Creating and Editing Styles
            Applying Styles
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
            About Picture Effects...
    Line, Fill & Color
        Applying Line, Fill and Color Attributes
            The Color Palette
        Line and Fill Options
                Basic Fills
                Gradient Fills
                Radial Fills
                Shape Fills
        Creating and Editing Colors
            Color Reproduction
            Creating and Editing Colors
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
        Types of Printers
            PostScript Printers
            Non-PostScript Printers
        Print Setup
            Setting up a PostScript Printer
            Setting up a non-PostScript Printer
        Printing on a Desktop Printer
            To Print on a Desktop Printer
            Printing Proofs
            Printing Pages Larger than the Paper
            Recognizing PostScript Errors
        Printing on an Imagesetter
            To Print on an Imagesetter
            Using a Service Bureau
        Printing Newsletters, Labels and Business Cards
            Signature Printing
            Business Card and Label Printing
            Mass Mailing and Address Label Printing
        Printing Color Separations
        Creating Documents for the WWW
            Saving a PageStream Document as a PDF File
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
        What are Scripts
        Common Questions
            How do I...?
        PageStream Extensions
        PageStream Add-ons
            Direct Templates
            Home & Office Forms
        Text Codes
        Keyboard Shortcuts
            Menu Shortcuts
            Object Editing Shortcuts
            Text Editing Shortcuts
            Toolbox Shortcuts
            Navigating Shortcuts
        Special Characters
        Character Sets
            Current Supported Character Sets
            Character Set File Format
            All Versions of PageStream
            Amiga specific problems
            Linux specific problems
            Macintosh specific problems
            Windows specific problems
        Recommended Reading
            Books: Design tips
            Books: Font Technology


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User Contributed Comments For PageStream User Documentation
Deron Kazmaier wrote...2006-09-02 21:23:41

+ Resource files (.rsc) can now identify non-standard label locations for
string, multiline, drawing, display, listview, and fontlist. Use strings

+ WINDOWS: New printer driver for Windows. Faster output when the checkbox
is selected, but if deselected you get the same output (and speed) pre 5.0.3.
+ Added Load.../Save As... buttons to Print Setup (this was an Amiga feature
finally merged into the new 5.0 core library code).
+ Bitmap printer driver now records users first export choice and uses that
for subsequent pages.
+ WINDOWS: can now choose Printer in the PostScript driver and output PostScript directly to the currently selected Windows printer, bypassing Windows internals. If this works for all PostScript printer users, this will be incorporated into the main PageStream Windows printer driver as well.
+ WINDOWS: The Windows printer driver will now display (PostScript) or (Bitmap) behind the printer name in Print Setup to indicate if it thinks the printer is capable of PostScript or not. Please let drop us a note if the printer postscript capabilities is not displayed properly here.

Recorded changes to &
(.11 was short lived because of Linux Paste bug)

+ AMIGA: PostScript printer driver now includes proper PAR:,SER:, Device output methods, plus Include EOF checkmark.

+ Now saves output type (grayscale/color/spot/processs etc) with the document.

Recorded changes to

+ Font Prefs now saves up your changes and applies them when you select "Use" or "Save". If you choose Cancel or hit the close button, no changes occur!
+ PostScript printer driver now supports the Duplex features of those printers that support it.
+ Fonts in archives, or other single file collections, should now be supported via the Font Paths Prefs.

+ Added support for new ligatures when they are present in a font and the font
is properly encoded to Unicode 4.1. Ligatures are ff, ffi,ffl,ft,st.
+ Added shift-control-d mnuemonics for unicode xfb00 to xfb06
(fi and fl were already there, but mapped to private space)
shift-control-d f f ff ligature
shift-control-d f i fi ligature
shift-control-d f l fl ligature
shift-control-d i i ffi ligature
shift-control-d l l ffl ligature
shift-control-d f t ft ligature
shift-control-d s t st ligature
+ Added shift-control-d mnuemonics for unicode x2070 to 2094 (fractions).
shift-control-d ^ 0 superscript 0
shift-control-d ^ i superscript i
shift-control-d ^ 4 superscript 4
shift-control-d ^ 5 superscript 5
shift-control-d ^ 6 superscript 6
shift-control-d ^ 7 superscript 7
shift-control-d ^ 8 superscript 8
shift-control-d ^ 9 superscript 9
shift-control-d ^ + superscript +
shift-control-d ^ - superscript -
shift-control-d ^ = superscript =
shift-control-d ^ ( superscript (
shift-control-d ^ ) superscript )
shift-control-d ^ n superscript n
shift-control-d v 0 subscript 0
shift-control-d v 1 subscript 1
shift-control-d v 2 subscript 2
shift-control-d v 3 subscript 3
shift-control-d v 4 subscript 4
shift-control-d v 5 subscript 5
shift-control-d v 6 subscript 6
shift-control-d v 7 subscript 7
shift-control-d v 8 subscript 8
shift-control-d v 9 subscript 9
shift-control-d v + subscript +
shift-control-d v - subscript -
shift-control-d v = subscript =
shift-control-d v ( subscript (
shift-control-d v ) subscript )
shift-control-d v a subscript a
shift-control-d v e subscript e
shift-control-d v o subscript o
shift-control-d v x subscript x
shift-control-d v s subscript schwa

+ AMIGA: Added the pref item "CREATEFILEICON ON" which will cause export of documents, pictures, graphics, text etc to copy an icon from the drawer SoftLogik/FileIcons to the same drawer as the new file. The original icon should be named after the filter module that is creating the file, with a .info extension (so for IFFDOC.dfilter, etc). This is now the default behaviour and you must turn it off if you don't want it.
+ AMIGA: Added checkbox to Files Preferences for Amiga CREATEFILEICON.

Recorded changes to
+ AMIGA: Character set selected in Prefs should control character set mapping from keyboard now, as well as character set used for string display.

Recorded changes to
+ Navigator tips are now kept in UTF-8 and display as such.
+ Added shift-control-d mnuemonics for unicode x2153 to 215f (fractions). As these
were just added to Unicode 4.1, it is unlikely that any fonts will have these
glyphs, but just incase...
shift-control-d 1 3 fraction one third
shift-control-d 2 3 fraction two thirds
shift-control-d 1 5 fraction one fifth
shift-control-d 2 5 fraction two fifths
shift-control-d 3 5 fraction three fifths
shift-control-d 4 5 fraction four fifthse
shift-control-d 1 6 fraction one sixth
shift-control-d 5 6 fraction five sixths
shift-control-d 1 8 fraction one eight
shift-control-d 3 8 fraction three eights
shift-control-d 5 8 fraction five eights
shift-control-d 7 8 fraction seven eights
shift-control-d 1 / fraction numerator one
+ Edit palette lock/unlock, proportional spacing, and print/noprint buttons now
toggle between icons as well as depressing.

Recorded changes to
+ RTF filter now ignores /sect instead of inserting new page command in the text.

Recorded changes to
+ PDFs saved from PageStream should now reencode the font for characters used.
+ When you copy a bitmap in PageStream to the clipboard, it will put it in as an object like before (so that position,clips, size etc are preserved when pasted back into PageStream), plus it will copy a raw bitmap so you can paste into bitmap/paint program.
+ RTF filter now exports all characters greater than 7 bit ascii as "unicode" to avoid various encoding issues with different programs and platforms. Hopefully all importers understand it!

Recorded changes to
+ INSERT macro command no longer has an artificial limit on length.
+ Added Portuguese hyphenation. Still need translation of language basics like
days of the week, months, and numbers. Contact
if you can help with that.
+ Added Turkish hyphenation. Still need translation of language basics like
days of the week, months, and numbers. Contact
if you can help with that.
+ Improved matching of character set names so that ISO 8859-07 matches ISO8859-7 etc.
+ Added Slovak hyphenation. Still need translation of language basics like
days of the week, months, and numbers. Contact
if you can help with that.
+ Added better GUI names for some characters sets.
+ Added Greek language module and hyphenation.
+ Numerous internal changes to align Linux, Windows and Amiga library sources.
+ WINDOW: Added clipboard support for Windows DIB format. Should be able to paste
bitmaps from more programs.
+ BME: Added Locale popup in general prefs that lets you choose the interface language
from those installed. Not all are complete, but most are very useable. Details
on fixing up the translations can be found in the Readme.Localizing.txt file
if you are able to help translate BME and PageStream into your favorite language.
+ BME: added toolbar support back!
+ Changed toolbar hint from "Insert Page Count Def" to "Insert Custom Page Count"
which is far less cryptic. Changed other similar toolbar hints as well.
+ Fixed a couple mispellings.
+ When opening help file, a localized version will be searched for
first, and then American (_en_US), and then the old name.

Recorded changes to
+ Updated Nederlands locale
+ Fixed modal dialogs that would lock PageStream dialogs in
+ Fixed several gliches in string conversion for floating point numbers.
+ POSTSCRIPT: Fixed cropmarks output.
+ Added en_GB (English/British) localization.
+ Fixed two spelling errors in American resource files.

Recorded changes to
+ Converted BME to run with the new libraries!
+ Build in number to string support to provide consistent conversion on all platforms.
+ Numerous internal changes to the libraries to improve multiplatform support.
+ Can now close the Reports dialog by clicking on the close button.
+ Table cell selection displays now.
+ WINDOWS: Fixed double clicking in page and document palette (and others).
+ Fixed manual kerning display
+ Text samples should now properly show black background for white text
or light colored text.
+ Borders for samples should now display without getting overwritten now.
+ WINDOWS: Ruler font fixed.
+ WINDOWS: Fixed old BME display problem.
+ Appending to a document now causes the document changed status to be set.
+ Moving pages, masterpages, and chapters between chapters will properly retain
article text.
+ WINDOWS: Open/Close page and document palette will retain proper display font.
+ Rotate about-point snaps to grid properly now when moved by the mouse.
+ Added [NEW | ADD] suboptions to ABOVE and BELOW options in SELECTOBJECT
** ALL | NONE | [ABOVE [NEW | ADD]] | [BELOW [NEW | ADD]]>
** [PAGE document:...-pagenum | MPG document:...-masterpage:side | DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window]
+ Changing external picture to internal will now cause the external file to be
loaded immediately, not at the next refresh.
+ Fixed cell left/right/up/down cursor moves.
+ Changed location of PageStream Tips. Now contained in Help folder, and can be translated.
+ Fixed Zdotaccent,zdotaccent,Rcaron and rcaron output to postscript.
+ Fixed PostScript and PDF output of closed paths.

Recorded changes to .37:
+ Arrows on lines with short curves or short line segments will now do a reasonable job.
However, it is not perfect and may not be for some time. Editing the path will create
better results.
+ Added /@ to search for page number commands in text.

+ Arrow output to postscript should now match the screen.
+ Fixed PDF export of blended objects.
+ Fixed display of pattern fills. Last row was not getting set properly.
+ Added basic support for Separation color mode (don't ask!) in PDF files
so they do not load with white text.
+ Fixed long standing bug where ellipses change size when in dissolved drawing
and other strange resize issues with ellipses.
+ WINDOWS: Fixed minor label issue for labels with a '&' character.
+ WINDOWS: Mini-menu/popups in edit palette for boxes, ellipses, polygons etc
now work, and show proper checkmark.
+ WINDOWS: Fixed a large number of resource usage leaks that could account for
many strange crashes!!! Even seems to make a speed improvement!
+ Added initial Catalan, Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian,
and Swedish PageStream translations.
Anyone who is fluent in these languages (and any others) that can help with
translating and/or checking these translations is encouraged to do so! Check
out the ReadMe.Localization.txt for simple instructions on how you can help.
+ Added Magyar (Hungarian) hyphenation rules.
+ Fixed bug in character sets that caused import text/paste to hang with ascii
filter, plus fixed ascii filter to not hang if given bad data from character
+ PNG: Fixed problem loading external PNG pictures at print time.
+ Fixed loading/saving of ILBM pictures with alpha channel, which also fixes
loading/saving of documents with alpha channel pictures.
+ Fixed rendering of wide strokes that overlap each other, outline of text that
overlaps, and as a side benefit the notch that appeared on think stroked circles.
+ Export to rendered bitmap defaults to previous export values.
+ Fixed export of object at 0,0 (or negative) to rendered bitmap.
+ Amiga 1251 Cyrillic character set added
+ Landscape pages will print vertically stacked when printing signatures now.
+ Added full unicode support to RTF import/export.
+ Added new script parameter [CELL x y] to option INOBJECT for command SELECTTEXT.
** INOBJECT objid [ADD] [PGS41:CELL x y]|
** INARTICLE articleid [ADD]>
** [PAGE document:...-pagenum | MPG document:...-masterpage:side | DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document~window]
+ Added Russian hyphenation.
+ Added Esperanto language module and hyphenation.
+ Added Locale popup in general prefs that lets you choose the interface language
from those installed. Not all are complete, but most are very useable. Details
on fixing up the translations can be found in the Readme.Localizing.txt file
if you are able to help translate PageStream into your favorite language.
+ PostScript printer driver will now try and reencode fonts to fit the needs
of the output text.
+ Fixed small caps support in postscript output.
+ WINDOWS: Close buttons added to most dialogs, which escape same as the esc
key or cancel button (when available).
+ Moving layers up and down in the layers palette keeps the layer selected.
+ Updated all the language modules.
+ New russian localized interface. Use "RSRCLANGUAGE ru" in the pref file.
+ Added Cestina (Czech) hypnenation rules.
+ WINDOWS: Added pref item DEFAULTFONTSPEC "font,size,characterset" that allows
the GUI font, size and character set to be defined. Characterset can be:
i.e. DEFAULTFONTSPEC "Lucida Sans Unicode,16,RUSSIAN"
+ WINDOWS: Changed windows printer driver offset to match the way it was before,
plus added a user definable x & y offsets.
+ Fixed long standing bug (first reported in 1996 and was awarded most obscure
but repeatable bug back then!) that after drawing a box (or line or column)
you can not start drawing a circle centered on the ending point of the previously
drawn object as long as you don't deselect the afore mentioned object.
+ Added support to PageStream and IFFILUS filter for loading/saving drawing/layer
Visible and Editable flags.
+ Added Apply button to Type Line&Fill and Object Line&Fill.
+ Fixed ASCII export of UTF-8.
+ Added UTC-2 and UTC-4 unicode encoding support.

Recorded changes to .36:
+ WINDOWS: Missing external object filename will show in title, and now in
file string as well.
+ WINDOWS: Took a stab at fixing output offset for printers with this problem.
+ WINDOWS: Save Window Position when the app and document is maximized now works.
+ WINDOWS: Tab order between gadget is now correct (forward, not reverse)
+ WINDOWS: Export Graphics icon no longer scrambles toolbar.
+ WINDOWS: Windows printer driver now gets the document name.
+ WINDOWS: Extended scrollwheel support to support ctrl-wheel to zoom in/out
+ WINDOWS: switching print modes will now function without save/restart.
+ LINUX: Fixed crash at startup when print setup was saved.
+ LINUX: Restored Python support.
+ Changing the document or chapter name, or adding new chapters, will now
update the page palette list.
+ Fixed orientation of ending arrow on curve.
+ Forced more room in toolbar tool listing in prefs.
+ Fixed crash loading PDF documents with extended characters.
+ Added "DRAGDELAY delay" pref item to change the default drag delay from 9 to
whatever you want. This is the delay that you must wait between clicking on
the item and getting the full object outline instead of a generic box.
+ Added border name above each border sample in the scrolling list of samples
in the border selection dialog box.
+ Added new Cestina (Czech) language module. Still need words for dictionary!
+ Added new code in App Library for UTF-8 text support.
+ Fixed ASCII import of UTF-8.

Recorded changes to .35:
+ Added "Clone" option to Define Text Styles & Styles palette that creates
a new style tag that is based on the attributes of the current selection.
+ Choosing "New" with shift key down in Define Text Styles & Style palette
still creates a new style that is a copy of the currently selected style,
only now instead of being named "New Style" it is named "Copy of ..."
+ Fixed landscape printing to postscript printers.
+ Fixed gradient fill to postscript printers.
+ Added script commands to control recording of scripts. This was by special
request, and can be very dangerous to use.
+ Added script commands to move the text cursor between cells in a table. If I can
figure out what keys to use, I can link up keys to move between cells as well.
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document~window]

+ Fixed printing to Canon ink jet printers that had white bands. Other printers may be
"fixed" with this hack. The fix clearly shows a fault in the printer drivers.
Note: One person was able to download and install a new driver to fix this.
+ JPEG filter now defaults to the last used export options in that session.
+ Typographic defaults now get loaded properly (was being ignored).
+ Fixed error loading files that could cause random problems.
+ Made Color default method in Print dialog box instead of Grayscale.
+ Added new smallcaps modes and new script commands
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | STYLETAG document:...-tagname]
+ Fixed PageStream text codes processing if attributes (ie, italics...) came
before unicode when loading (it would put attributes after unicode).
+ Fixed masked text crash

+ Fixed numbered toggle buttons in text wrap dialog box.
+ Removed zoom in/out shortcuts, they conflicted with previous shortcuts. You can
however attach it to function key via internal scripts.
+ Objects transformed from one page to another in page spreads now behaves properly.
+ Fixed crash when printing curves to postscript file!!
+ TIFF filter fixed.
+ Fixed arrowheads on non-horizontal lines.
+ Hanging punctuation functioning now.
+ Fixed random crash problem when opening files when the recent file list was full.
+ New path command. Draws a path in the shape of a spiral.
** objectid = DRAWSPIRAL x1 y1 ROUNDS n SPACING dist STARTANGLE angle
** [CONTENTROTATE rotation | CONTENTSKEW slant twist]
** [ROTATE rotation | SKEW slant twist | SLANT slant | TWIST twist]
** [PAGE document:...-pagenum | MPG document:...-masterpage:side | DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window]
+ Smallcaps fixed.
+ Font selector now remembers previous position and opens there. Now that most
dialog boxes can now be resized, would this be a useful feature for all
dialog boxes? What about saving this information for future runs (ie, remove
"Remember Window Position" and make it automatic)

+ Line endings/arrows fixed. Better yet, the arrows no longer extend beyond the
end of the line ("bug" since 3.0!!)
+ Paragraph rules left and right indent can now be set independantly.
+ Selected objects can now be properly exported as a bitmap that is rendered
from the selection.
+ Objects transformed on right hand facing page stay on right hand page now.
+ WINDOWS: Double click in lists now selects and accepts!
+ WINDOWS: Fixed document window sliding under toolbar when minimizing the app.
+ WINDOWS: Alerts now accept shortcuts
+ WINDOWS: Text field selected when dialog box first opened.
+ WINDOWS: RETURN now "ok's" the dialog boxes and applies edit palette changes!!
+ WINDOWS: ESC cancels the dialog box!!
+ WINDOWS: TAB navigates between controls properly.
+ WINDOWS: Document window no longer looses focus the first time you try to
draw or select.

User Contributed Comments For PageStream User Documentation