SetDropCap Text Command

SETDROPCAP Text Commands

Sets the drop cap paragraph type options for the paragraph at the insertion point, for selected paragraphs or for a style tag.

setdropcap > [DOCUMENT name/S | WINDOW name/S | STYLETAG name/S]

OFF toggles automatic dropcaps off.

ON toggles automatic dropcaps on and sets the number of characters and lines, and the font.

FONT is the full name of the font. (Default=current)

STYLE is the style of the font. (Default=current)

DOCUMENT is the document name. (Default=current)

WINDOW is the window name. (Default=current)

STYLETAG sets the automatic drop cap option for a style tag.


To set the paragraph type to Normal, toggle the drop cap and bullet options off. Note that a paragraph can have both an automatic drop cap and bullet through macros, although this is not recommended.


setdropcap on 2 5
setdropcap on 1 4 font 'AGaramond-Semibold'
setdropcap off styletag 'Body Text'


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Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-04 17:07:12

Script command submitted from PageStream internal documentation. Needs to be checked and merged with the command documentation above.

Gets the {...} .

SetDropcap ([OFF | ON chars lines [FONT fontname] [PGS50:OUTDENT [TRUE|FALSE]] [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window | STYLETAG document:...-tagname])




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