NewDocument Document Command

NEWDOCUMENT Document Commands

Creates a new document.


name/s The new document's name.


Returns the new document's name to RESULT. If the document name specified for the new document is already used by an open document, PageStream will append .# to it, so you may wish to check the result.


This command is not equivalent to the menu's New command. It does not create a default master page or open a document window. To create a master page, follow this command with a newmasterpage command, and then open its window with the openwindow command.


newdocument 'Report.document'


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Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-04 15:06:57

Script command submitted from PageStream internal documentation. Needs to be checked and merged with the command documentation above.

Gets the {...} .

docname = NewDocument (documentname)




See Also:




Tim Doty wrote...2006-08-09 19:41:33


myDoc = NewDocument('New Document')['.result']
NewMasterPage('New Masterpage', '8.5i', '11i')
myChapt = NewChapter('New Chapter',1)

Note that the chapter name is prefixed with a colon. Colons are used to delimit designations in script. For example the full specification for the chapter in the forgoing example is New Document:New Chapter.

Normally you want the masterpage to have margins indicated and possibly guides as well.


SetMarginGuides(.75, .25, 1, .5)

The margin guides are in the order of: left/inner, right/outer, top and bottom. For greater clarity and reliability the units can be specified with the margin distance.


AddGuides('Vertical', 'AT', 2.5)
AddGuides('Vertical', 'AT', "2.5i", 'MPG', 'New Masterpage:right')

Both commands produce the same guide, but the first uses the default measurement system and so could be 2.5 inches or 2.5 centimeters (or something else) and adds a guide to the current masterpage. The second specifies the unit of measure to be used (inches) and the masterpage the guide should be added to.

User Contributed Comments For NewDocument