InsertName Text Command

INSERTNAME Text Commands

Inserts a name variable at the insertion point.

insertname [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name]
...INDEXTOPIC indextopicnumber]

name/k The name variable to insert.

Options: DOCUMENTNAME Document name.
CHAPTER Chapter name.
MASTERPAGE Master page name.
PAGE Page name.

MARK/i The text mark name.

INDEXMARK/i The index mark string.

VARIABLE/s The user variable name.

DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current.

WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current.


insertname document

insertname chapter document 'project.doc'


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Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-04 16:56:11

Script command submitted from PageStream internal documentation. Needs to be checked and merged with the command documentation above.

Gets the {...} .

InsertName ([DOCUMENTNAME | DOCUMENTFILE | CHAPTER | MASTERPAGE | PAGE | VARIABLE varname | MARK marknumber | FIGURE figurenumber | INDEXMARK indexmarknumber | PGS40:INDEXTOPIC indextopicnumber] [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document~window])




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