EditTextObj Object Command

EDITTEXTOBJ Object Commands

Sets the coordinates of a selected frameless text object.

edittextobj [POSITION left top right bottom] [ROTATE angle | SKEW slantangle twistangle | SLANT angle | TWIST angle] [ABOUT pointx pointy | ABOUTCENTER] [constraint] [printable] [TEXTFX [DISTORTX toggle] [BENDLINES toggle] [SCALETOFIT toggle] >>] [DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name | OBJECTID number]

POSITION/d The coordinates of the text block.

ROTATE/d The rotation angle.

SKEW/d The slant and twist angle.

SLANT/d The slant angle.

TWIST/d The twist angle.

ABOUT/d The rotation point.

ABOUTCENTER Rotates around its center.

constraint/k The aspect ratio constraint toggle.

Options: CONSTRAIN|FREE (default). printable/k The print object toggle.

Options: PRINT (default)|NOPRINT.

TEXTFX Sets a TextFX shape or curve.

type/k Specifies the type of TextFX.


DISTORTX/k When warping in a shape, TRUE specifies horizontal distortion instead of vertical distortion. When warping between paths, TRUE specifies horizontal distortion in addition to vertical distortion.

BENDLINES/k Curves are converted to lines during warping. When set to TRUE, specifies that lines are converted back to curves for higher quality but slower speed.

SCALETOFIT/k Specifes that text should be scaled to fit the curve, rather than being spaced to fit.

toggle/k Toggles a feature.

Options: TRUE | FALSE.

TEXTFXPATH Specifies a closed shape in which text is warped, two open subpaths between which text is warped or the open path on which text is set. placement/k Specifies the placement of text on a curved path.


MOVETO/d Starts the warp shape or curve path.

LINETO/d Adds a TextFX path line to the point.

CURVETO/d Adds a TextFX path bezier curve to the point.

CLOSEPATH Closes the TextFX path.

DOCUMENT/s The document name.

WINDOW/s The window name.

OBJECTID/i The number of the object to edit.


All options default to the current values if not specified.

TEXTFX and its related parameters require the TextFX 2 extension, which is sold separately.


edittextobj position 1 1 7.5 10

edittextobj position 1 1 5 6 rotate 45 page 'MyDoc~8'

edittextobj textfx between textfxpath moveto 0 0.25 ¨
   curveto 1 0 5 0 5.5 1 moveto 2 3 ¨
   curveto 3 2 5 2 6 2


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Dan Kilroy wrote...2006-05-04 16:59:05

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Gets the {...} .

EditTextObj ([POSITION left top right bottom [ADJUST]] [ROTATE rotation | SKEW slant twist | SLANT slant | TWIST twist] [ABOUT x y | ABOUTCENTER] [CONSTRAIN | FREE] [PRINT | NOPRINT] [TEXTFX <NONE | BETWEEN | ALONG | WARP>] [DISTORTX <TRUE | FALSE>] [BENDLINES <TRUE | FALSE>] [SCALETOFIT <TRUE | FALSE>] [TEXTFXPATH [ABOVEPATH] [ONPATH] [BELOWPATH] [MOVETO x1 y1] [LINETO x1 y1] [CURVETO cx1 cy1 cx2 cy2 px2 py2] [CLOSEPATH] [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document window | OBJECTID objectid])




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