Navigating the Help Files

Navigating help files is simple and intuitive. Although it is possible to browse the help files in the same way you would read a book, i.e., page by page, browsing HTML help files is not linear. You can click on cross-references (links) to automatically go to the corresponding sections, and you can go back to the pages you have visited without the need to remember them because HHV maintains a log of all the locations you viewed during your session.

Additionally, you may add bookmarks to specific locations if you want to visit them in the future without searching them through the links.

SectionThe HHV Screen


Links or cross-references are the most common and practical way to navigate the help files. When text is linked, it is displayed in blue. Clicking on a link will take you to that link's location. Note that the mouse pointer changes from the Text Cursor to the Arrow Pointer when it is positioned over a link.

SectionBrowsing through visited links
You may sometimes want to backtrack to a location you visited previously. This situation occurs frequently when you click on cross-references that lead to different sections.

To backtrack one or more links: Click on the ''Previous'' button located to the left of the location's local address. This will backtrack one link. Repeat as desired. The button is ghosted when you reach the very first page of your session.

To go one or more links forward: Click on the ''Next'' button located to the left of the location's local address. This will proceed one link forward. Repeat as desired. This is useful when you skipped the page you wanted to go to while backtracking with the ''Previous'' button. The button is ghosted when the current page is the last one visited during your session.

You can also use the ''Go'' menu to browse through visited links. Choose ''Back'' or ''Forward'' to go back or go forward one link, or ''Home'' to go to the first link of the list. Alternatively, you may choose any of the links in the menu to go directly to the location they lead to.

SectionReloading a location

Click on the ''Reload'' button located to the right of the location's local address. This will reload the page at the location displayed in the ''Address'' text box.

SectionThe Address text field
Another way to load a page is by typing the full path of the location directly in the ''Address'' text box. This is not a convenient way to browse through help files, but it is provided in case clicking on a link does not work.

SectionOpening help files
You may also open a help file from a file selector. Select the ''Open'' command from the ''File'' menu to open a file selector. Choose the help file you want to open and HHV will open a new window at that location.

NoteBecause opening a help file from the file selector will also open a new window, that new location will not be added to the visited links' log. A new log will be started from the opened location. To get back to the location you were before opening the help file, close the window that opened after you opened the file or select the appropriate window from the ''Window'' menu.


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