Selecting an Area

Some of BME's commands require that you select an area of the picture first, while others work on the entire picture. Some commands work on an area when one is selected and on the picture when nothing is selected.

When an area is selected, you cannot paint outside of it. This protects the rest of the picture from changes you make inside the area.

To select an area: Choose the ''Marquee'' tool. When the mouse pointer is over the picture, it will change to a drawing crosshair. Drag the mouse button diagonally to select a rectangular area of the picture.

To select the entire picture as an area: Choose the ''Select All'' command from the ''Edit'' menu.

You may need to deselect an area so that you can define a new area, or so that you can apply a command to the entire picture rather than the selected area. You can either deselect an area, which leaves a copy of the area at its current position, or you can discard the area without affecting the picture underneath.

To deselect an area: Click in a part of the picture outside of the area, or press the Space bar. The contents of the area will be left at the current area position.

To discard an area: Choose the ''Clear'' command of the ''Edit'' menu, drag the area outside of the picture, or press the Delete key. The area will be removed from the picture. Note that if you erase an area immediately after selecting it, the area will be filled with the background color. If you erase an area after it has been moved, the portion of the picture underneath it will not be affected.

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