Exploring PageStream

PageStream gives you a blank page on which to mix text and graphics to create a finished page design. Text and graphics can be imported from other sources or created directly in PageStream and then arranged on the page. PageStream allows you to combine text and graphics without restrictions. It has a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, or WYSIWYG display, so that you will know what your document will look like before it is printed.

This section provides an overview of PageStream's features. It will help you navigate the menus, dialog boxes, palettes, tools and windows. For more detailed instructions on learning PageStream, read the tutorials in the chapter PageStream Lessons.

    The Navigator
    Creating a New Document
    Opening a Document
    Saving a Document
    The PageStream Screen


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Related Tips
PageStream's text boxes support simple math expressions. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers in them. This is useful when you want to add or subtract an amount to an existing coordinate. For example, to add 0.333 to a coordinate of 8.125", you would enter 8.125"+0.333 in the text box. The expression will be evaluated when you press Tab or Return. Use + for addition, - for subtraction, * for multiplication, and / for division. As well, () may be used for parenthetical expressions and “pi” can be entered to represent the standard value of pi. i.e., 8.125*(pi-0.333)/7