SL_SetTM2D -- allows the initing of all values in a 2-d tm.

SL_SetTM2D(tm, value_array, unit_array);
A0 A1 A2


This allows the user to set all six values that comprise a 2-d
transformation matrix. Each array must have at least six entries.
This is the order of the array as it corresponds to the matrix:

value_array[0] = matrix[0][0].
value_array[1] = matrix[0][1].
value_array[2] = matrix[1][0].
value_array[3] = matrix[1][1].
value_array[4] = matrix[2][0].
value_array[5] = matrix[2][1].

This is how the matrix entries are used:

[ xscale 0 ]
[ 0 yscale]
[ 0 0 ]

[ cos twist sin twist ]
[ -sin slant cos slant ]
[ 0 0 ]

[ 1 0 ]
[ 0 1 ]
[ xoffset yoffset]

The matrix is set using the result of value_array[x]/unit_array[x].
An unspecified internal presision is maintain so the units may be
larger than the values. No entry in the unit_array should be 0.

If the value_array is NULL then the values are assumed to be 1 for
each entry in the unit_array.

If the unit_array is NULL then the units are assumed to be 1 for
each entry in the value_array.

If both are NULL then the tm is simply inited via SL_InitTM2D.

tm - the 2-d transformation matrix to init.
value_array - an array of 6 LONG's the describe the 6 values
of the transformation matrix.
unit_array - an array of 6 LONG's the describe the units
for the value_array. This may be NULL.

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