SL_SetNodeAttrA -- sets the attributes of a node.
SL_SetNodeAttr -- varargs stub for SL_SetNodeAttrA.

SL_SetNodeAttrA(node, taglist);
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void SL_SetNodeAttrA(void *, struct TagItem *);

SL_SetNodeAttr(node, tag, ...);

void SL_SetNodeAttr(void *, Tag, ...);

Sets various attributes of a node.

node - as returned by SL_CreateNodeA.
taglist - a list of tags that identify that attributes to set.

NODEATTR_Name (struct NameField *) - the name of the node.

NODEATTR_TextName (SLCHAR *) - the text name of the node.

NODEATTR_IconName (ICONHANDLE) - the icon name of the node.

NODEATTR_NumberName (LONG) - the number name of the node.

NODEATTR_UserData (SLTAGDATA) - anything the user wants to associate with
a given node.

NODEATTR_AddNodeHead (LISTHANDLE) - adds the node to the head of the
specified list.

NODEATTR_AddNodeTail (LISTHANDLE) - adds the node to the tail of the
specified list.

NODEATTR_DisabledFlag (SLFLAG) - sets value of the disabled flag. When TRUE
causes a node to be non-selectable and displayed in a disabled state.
The default is FALSE.

NODEATTR_HiddenFlag (SLFLAG) - sets value of the hidden flag. When TRUE causes
a node to not be displayed at all. The default is FALSE.

NODEATTR_SelectedFlag (SLFLAG) - sets value of the selected flag. When TRUE
causes a node to be selected in a multiselect control. The default
is FALSE. This flag is not supported by any controls yet.

NODEATTR_ExpandedFlag (SLFLAG) - sets value of the expanded flag. When TRUE
causes a node to display its child list in a hierarchial control.
The default is FALSE. This flag is not supported yet.

NODEATTR_Flags (ULONG) - new set of flags for the node.

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