SL_SortListFuncRange -- sort a range of nodes in a list with a user supplied compare function.

SL_SortListFuncRange(list, function, start, end);
A0 A1 D0 D1

SL_SortListFuncRange(LISTHANDLE, WORD (*)(void *, void *), ULONG, ULONG);

Sorts the specified range of nodes in the supplied list using the
compare function to determine sort order.

The function returns:
<0 if the first node is less than the second node
=0 if the first node is equal to the second node
>0 if the first node is greater than the second node

This return scheme is the same as the standard C function strcmp().

list - a LISTHANDLE as returned by SL_CreateListA.
func - a pointer to the compare function.
start - the starting node in the range (0 is the first node).
end - the ending node in the range. If a number greater than the total
number of nodes in the list is given the sort will stop at the
last node.

The function argument must be declared using SL_CALLBACK.

SL_SortListFuncRange(list, &sortbyname, 10, 20);

SL_CALLBACK WORD sortbyname(void *n1, void *n2)

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1. WORD)strcmp((SLCHAR *)SL_GetNodeAttr(n1, NODEATTR_Name), (SLCHAR *)SL_GetNodeAttr(n2, MODEATTR_Name

2. SLCHAR *)SL_GetNodeAttr(n1, NODEATTR_Name), (SLCHAR *)SL_GetNodeAttr(n2, MODEATTR_Name'>1</a>


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