SL_ScrollWindowPane -- scrolls many portions of the window.

SL_ScrollWindowPane(winhandle, panes, count);
A0 A1 D0

void SL_ScrollWindowPane(WINHANDLE, WORD *, UWORD);

Scrolls count number of panes in the window. A pane is defined by an array
of six numbers: x1,y1,x2,y2,dx,dy. No area outside any of the panes is
affected. The newly exposed areas are filled with the current background
pen. A refresh event is posted to the window after the scroll.

Positive numbers will scroll towards the bottom right. Negatve numbers will
cause the area to move towards the upper left.

winhandle - the window to scroll the panes in.
panes - the "panes" of the window to scroll.
count - the number of panes to scroll.

The window does not need to be drawable for this call to work. If the
window is not visible this routine does nothing.

On the Macintosh if a refresh event is pending when this call is made, it is sent to the window before the scroll is done. This could be the
refresh event for a previous scroll. Applications should always scroll
the window before updating any internal data relating to the scroll.

//do not do this
doc->top += scrollamount;
SL_ScrollWindowWH(doc->wh, l,t,w,h, 0, scrollamount);

//do this instead
SL_ScrollWindowWH(doc->wh, l,t,w,h, 0, scrollamount);
doc->top += scrollamount;

SL_ScrollWindowPane, SL_ScrollWindowWH, SL_ScrollWindowXY.


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