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PageLiner displays text very differently from PageStream. In PageLiner, text attributes are not visible and text is shown using a standard Amiga system font.

PageLiner is much faster than PageStream because it does not attempt to maintain a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display. You should use PageStream's ''Send to Editor'' command in the ''Edit'' menu, or export text with text codes, to edit text in PageLiner.

Text codes allow you to specify character and paragraph attributes in ASCII text files. PageStream text codes support most character and paragraph attributes available in PageStream. Instead of choosing a bold command to make text bold, you would enter <B> at the beginning of the bold text, and <N> at the end of the bold text. This is a fast way to format text before importing it into PageStream, and you can assign the ones you use to the function keys. PageStream will convert the text codes to actual attributes when they are imported.

When you export text from PageStream to edit in PageLiner, you should select the ''Text Codes'' option. If you do not select this option, the attributes will not be converted to text codes and they will be lost.

Note that the text code system does not support all attributes, i.e., fill color is supported, but gradient fill attributes will be lost. If you use style tags to apply attributes to text, all attributes can be preserved.


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