Starting PageLiner

You can start PageLiner by double clicking on the PageLiner program icon. You can also start PageLiner from the Shell by typing its name, or by choosing the ''Send to Editor'' command from the ''Edit'' menu in PageStream when the insertion point is in an article.

PageLiner can open on the Workbench screen or on an existing public screen, but it cannot create its own public screen or open on a custom screen. To designate which public screen it should open on, you must change the PUBSCREEN preference entry in the PageLiner.prefs file. Refer to the Settings section for more information.

SectionTitle bar
After PageLiner has loaded, its miniature title bar will appear. PageLiner only opens a window when you create or open a text article. The tile bar provides you with something to click on so that you can access PageLiner's menus.

PageLiner's windows, menus and other interface elements function similarly to PageStream.

NoteTechnical Note: PageStream and BME are based on the SoftLogik Application Library which controls the interface and ensures a consistent look and feel. PageLiner does not use the Application Library, so some elements of it differ from PageStream and BME. For example, its requester gadgets look slightly different, and it has a much more limited macro implementation.


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