Picture Types

BME can work with all five major types of pictures: black and white, grayscale, palette, RGB and CMYK. Black and white pictures are simple: they use absolute black and absolute white only. Grayscale pictures are similar to black and white in that the colors cannot be defined, but you can choose the number of levels of gray. A 16 grayscale picture uses sixteen levels of gray from white to black with even brightness increments. Colors are referred to by gray level number.

Palette pictures have a color map which is an index of the colors used in the picture. The colors are defined using RGB values, but only the number of colors permitted by the color map can be defined. Colors in palette pictures are referred to by color number. Palette pictures are limited to 256 colors.

RGB and CMYK pictures are the primary formats for full color pictures. Colors are referred to by their RGB or CMYK component values. They take much more disk space than palette pictures because they require more information per pixel. However, they can contain as much as 16 million colors.

SectionConverting Picture Types
You may need to change the type of a picture sometimes. The current picture type is shown in each window's status bar. To change the picture type, select another type from the ''Type'' submenu of the ''Effects'' menu.


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