Opening an Article

You can open text articles created with PageLiner, PageStream or other Amiga programs. PageLiner can open only ASCII text files. Each text file will be displayed in its own window, and you can open as many text files as you need, memory permitting.

PageLiner can only open Amiga ASCII files. ASCII files created on other computers should be inserted into an open text window with the ''Insert'' command from the ''Project'' menu.

PageLiner uses the Amiga Standard file requesters for opening and saving files. The requester has an attached menu with additional options. For more information on ASL file requesters, refer to your Workbench manual.

To open a previously created text article: Choose the ''Open'' command from the ''Project'' menu. Select a text filename from the file requester and click ''OK''. The article will appear in a window after it has loaded.

PageLiner displays text files without attributes. PageLiner provides faster text editing capabilities than PageStream because it does not display text attributes. To edit formatted text without losing its attributes, you should export the text from PageStream with PageStream text codes.

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