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PageLiner is a tool for editing text articles. You can use PageLiner to modify text created in PageStream, or to create new text articles. Because AmigaOS does not include a suitable text editor, PageLiner for Amiga is included in the PageStream publishing system. At this time, PageLiner is an Amiga-only application.

PageLiner is a text editor mainly intended for quick editing of PageStream text. Editing text in PageStream can be slow due to rendering font outlines on screen and manipulating hidden text codes. PageLiner 2.0 edits only ASCII text: characters not in the Amiga character set and text attributes are shown as text codes. This is how PageLiner achieves its speed, and is the reason it is so useful in conjunction with PageStream.

    The Credits
    Starting PageLiner
    Opening an Article
        Creating a New Article
        Saving an Article
        Closing an Article
    Text Display
    Typing and Editing Text
        Copying and Pasting Text
        Finding and Replacing Text
        Checking Spelling
        Show Invisibles
        Function Keys
        Preferences File
        Startup Options


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