SL_SetAppPointer -- sets the mouse cursor to predefined shape

SL_SetAppPointer(apphandle, pointer);

void SL_SetAppPointer(APPHANDLE, UWORD);
A0 D0

Sets the mouse cursor to the requested predefined shape for all open
windows the application has and all future windows/requesters to be opened.

apphandle - an APPHANDLE as returned by SL_AppInitAdd Page.
pointer - one of these values:

POINTER_NORMAL - the standard system pointer.

POINTER_WAIT - the standard system busy pointer.

POINTER_MAGNIFY - for magnification (zoom in).

POINTER_REDUCE - for reduction (zoom out).

POINTER_EYEDROP - for selecting a color off of something.

POINTER_DRAW - for drawing.

POINTER_MOVE - for moving objects.

POINTER_TEXT - for text cursor positioning.

POINTER_PASTE - for pasting.

POINTER_RESIZEVERT - for resizing an object vertically.

POINTER_RESIZEHORZ - for resizing an object horizontally.

POINTER_RESIZE13 - for resizing an object diagonally upper-left to bottom-right.

POINTER_RESIZE24 - for resizing an object diagonally upper-right to bottom-left.

POINTER_HIDE - used to make the pointer invisible.

POINTER_DISTORT - for distorting an object.

POINTER_EMPTYLINK - represents an empty page.

POINTER_FULLLINK - represents a full page.

POINTER_CROP - for cropping something.

POINTER_DRAG - for dragging something.

POINTER_RESHAPE - for reshaping an object.

POINTER_ROTATE - for general rotation.

POINTER_ROTATE1 - upper left corner rotation.

POINTER_ROTATE2 - upper right corner rotation.

POINTER_ROTATE3 - lower right corner rotation.

POINTER_ROTATE4 - lower left corner rotation.



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