BME is not intended to be a paint program and has limited painting capabilities. The ''Paint'' tool allows you to paint with a square brush that can be resized from one to 64 pixels. The default brush size is one pixel square.

To paint with the foreground color: Choose the ''Paint'' tool from the toolbox and move the mouse into the picture window. The mouse pointer will change to a crosshair. A white box the size of the brush will appear in the center of the crosshair to show you the brush size. Click the left mouse buttonss to paint the brush at the current mouse position, or drag the mouse to paint an area.

Crosshair Pointer

To paint with the background color: Hold down a Shift key while you paint. The background color provides a quick way to change colors without selecting a different color from the ''Color Palette''.

To change the brush size: Press the plus (+) key on the keyboard or keypad to increase the size of the brush. (Do not hold down Shift if you use the plus key on the keyboard: BME accepts the equals [=] key unshifted.) Press the minus (-) key on the keyboard or keypad to decrease the size of the brush. Hold down the Control key to change the vertical size alone, or the Shift key to change only the horizontal size.

NoteYou can simulate a filled box tool with the ''Marquee'' tool. Draw a box with the ''Marquee'' tool and then fill it with the foreground color by using the ''Fill'' command from the ''Effects'' menu. Choose ''Fill'' while holding down a Shift key to fill it with the background color.

Marquee Tool


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