If the source code you develop uses only calls available in the Application Library and is ANSI C/C++ compliant, then it can be used on any platform that the Application Library exists on. If you don't have access to all of those platforms, we may be able to help. We may even be interested in publishing the fruits of your labor.

The example source code made available is copyright material. You may make other applications and addons (new filters for other file formats, Amiga support for new printers, etc) based on this code, but don't improve/change the example source and release it on your own. If you have suggestions for improving the example source, or even wish to provide us an improved version of the source, contact us at support@pagestream.org.

SectionApplication Library
The Application Library is a powerful base to develop a typical application on top of. It provides a high level interface that abstracts the current Operating System into a general purpose interface. The general features of the Application Library (SLAPPLIB) are:
  • Window, Mouse, Menu, Keyboard, Requester/Control, Toolbox/Palette, Toolbar support
  • Low level drawing features to windows/requesters only (box, line, circle, simple text, bitmaps, etc)
  • High level drawing features to output devices (windows, printer, PDF files, etc) such as:
    • Full arbitrary clipping
    • Full 2d space translation (move, scale, rotate/slant/twist)
    • Bitmap output
    • Complex path output (with strokes, gradients, bitmap fills, etc)
    • Complex text output (all character based attributes found in PageStream plus some)
    • Complex path hit detection (path on path, path in path, point on path, point in path)
  • High level scripting support
    • Record internal
    • Play internal and local external scripts (Python, Arexx, AppleScript)
    • Interface local external scripts (Python, Arexx, AppleScript) to internal
  • File I/O (open, close, read, write, rename, copy, path searching)
  • File Selection (Open, Save, Select Path)
  • IFF file saving
  • CTXT command composing/decomposing
  • Module support
    • Import/Export (and copy/paste)
    • Aquire
    • Language
      • Spelling
      • Hyphenation
      • Date/Time/Number
    • Bitmap Effects
    • Text Codes
    • Specialty Modules
  • And more...


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