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When creating a new document or loading an existing document, a document window opens containing the first page. Each document displays in its own window, and more than one window for each document can be opened at any time.

One window will always be the active window, and thus its document will be the active document. To activate a window, click on the window's content. Another way to bring a window to front and to activate it is to choose its name from the ''Show Window'' submenu in the ''Window'' menu.

To open an additional window for an existing document: Choose ''New Window'' from the ''Window'' menu. This will open another view of the current document, it does not create another document.

To close an extra window: Select on the appropriate document window and choose ''Close'' from the ''File'' menu or click on the ''Close'' button in the upper corner of the document window.

To bring to front an obscured window or reveal a hidden window: Choose the name of the window you wish to open or bring to front from the ''Show Window'' submenu in the ''Window'' menu. This submenu lists all open and hidden windows. Select ''All'' if you want to open all hidden windows.

To hide a window: Choose the ''Hide'' submenu from the ''Window'' menu. Select ''Current'' to hide the active window, ''Others'' to hide all but the active window or ''All'' to hide every window. Alternatively, you can also choose the name of the window to hide from the list of open windows.

To rename a view or preview color separations on screen: Shift click on the name of the document window in the ''Hide'' or ''Show'' submenu from the ''Window'' menu. The ''Window'' dialog box will open, allowing you to rename the document window view and to show the color plates one at a time to check if the right spot colors or overprint/knockout options are set.


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If you open multiple views of a document, choosing Close will close only the active view window. Hold down Shift while choosing the Close command to close all open views of a document simultaneously.