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Why aren't the Pantone colors included with Pagestream anymore?

"... We no longer include the Pantone color library (they would not renew with us because the PageStream price point is too low and they wanted a big
fat minimum per copy instead. That included upgrades for folks who already have it!) but the files from previous versions will work just fine.

"Of course, you are best off with a printed pantone color selector anyway as screen colors will never be an accurate match (and if you are just choosing by screen colors, then just pick an RGB/CMYK that pleases you). Also, you can use orange as a spot color for a light blue Pantone as long as you tell the printer (the person) to use Pantone ink xxx on that plate :-)"



PageStream 3 & 4

TextFX and Gradient Filled Text doesn't work: TextFX for Macintosh requires Adobe Type Manager. It is only compatible with PostScript fonts at this time.

Can't Open PageStream Amiga or Atari documents: Non-Mac files such as these are not normally listed in Mac directory dialog boxes. To see these files when the Open directory dialog is displayed, select Show All Files in Preferences. (Choose Preferences from the File menu.)

Printing is mirrored: If Emulsion Down is not accidentally selected and you're printing to a PostScript printer, you have probably forgotten to select the correct PPD file with Print Setup. Choose Print Setup from the File menu. Click the Browse (>>) button to the right of the PPD text box. Select the PPD file. (MacOS stores PPD files in the System:Extensions:Printer Descriptions folder.) Click Open in the directory dialog box and then click Save in Print Setup.



PageStream 3 & 4

I press Return in the Edit palette but nothing happens: To change a text attribute or object coordinate in an Edit palette text gadget, you must press Return twice. Pressing Return once removes the cursor from the text gadget, as in all AmigaOS requesters. Pressing it a second time activates the Apply button on the far left of the palette. Note that you can press Tab to move between text gadgets in the Edit palette.

Which printer driver should I use? If you're using a non-PostScript printer and can't find a driver within PageStream, we recommend CanonDisk (freeware), CanonStudio (shareware) or Studio II (commercial). PageStream includes drivers for popular Epson and HP compatible non-PostScript printers, but does not include drivers for Canon and some other non-PostScript printers. Studio II makes up for the lack of professional printer drivers in AmigaOS. Some points to note:

    • CanonDisk is available free from Aminet and includes drivers for popular Canon printers.
    • CanonStudio is a reduced-feature version of Studio II just for Canon printers.
    • Studio II has more printer controls than you can imagine. All three printer driver systems are by the same author.

PageStream 2.2SE for Amiga

Text won't print (Compugraphc Intellifonts such as Triumvirate, Times and Garamond): If some or all characters will not print to your non-PostScript printer, you may need to use a different font. Large Compugraphic Intellifont characters cannot be printed due to a limitation in AGFA's Compugraphic Intellifont engine. The size at which characters will not print depends on the font and character design, thus some characters may print while others won't. If you're trying to print Compugraphic fonts other than Times, Triumvirate and Garamond to a PostScript printer, you can't do this with PageStream 2.2SE. PageStream 3.0 and newer for Amiga can do this.

Cursor won't move (Compugraphc Intellifonts such as Triumvirate, Times and Garamond): You need to correct your font installation. The PSFonts drawer (Amiga) or FONTS folder (Atari) must be added to the Font Manager. Open the Font Manager. Click Add. Choose the directory containing the FONTSSv2, FONTEQUIVv2, PluIn.TypeBucket files. (The names may be slightly different for Atari users.) Once these files are listed, click OK. Click Save Default in the Font Manager. Although these files are not fonts, they must be added to the Font Manager for Compugraphic Intellifonts to work.


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