Special Symbols
HTML named entities [&quot] for "
Ascii/UTF-8 characters [#91][#93] for []

Basic Style Markup
Bold [b]bold[/b] bold.
Italics [i]italics[/i] italics.
Underline [u]underline[/u] underline.
Strike-through [strike]strike-through[/strike] strike-through.
Named color [color=red]colored[/color] colored.
Custom color [color=#ff0000]colored[/color] colored.

Basic Links and Images Markup
For hyper-linked email addresses, use [email][/email].

For pictures, use [img=""],
or [img][/img].

For links, use [url=""]PageStream Home Site[/url],
or [url][/url],
or [url][/url].

For an anchor, use [anchor="aname"].

Documentation Markup
For references to documentation pages by title, use [[PageTitle]] or [ref]PageTitle[/ref] (for example Indexing a Document)
For interface items, use two single quotes before and after the item like ''Cancel''
For listing of links, use [links <parameters>]. At this time, this is internal only as it is only useful for creating a linked list of scripting commands by type.
For document pictures, use [docpic id=n,url=""]. The url is only used as a note at this time to identify the picture. At this time, this is internal only as it is not possible to create new docpic entries by customers.

For sections, use [section="section title"]section block of text[/section].
For indenting a block of text, use [indent]block of text[/indent].
For footnotes, enter the footnote text inline where the reference belongs, and enclose it with double open parentheses (( and double close parentheses )). The footnote(1) will appear at the bottom of this page along with a link to it.

For lists, use [list][*]listitemone [*]listitemtwo...[/list].

For information notes, use [note][/note] or [note=info][/note] (this replicates the info boxes in the html docs and sidebar info boxes in printed docs).

NoteThis is an informational text block

For cautionary notes, use [note=caution][/note] (this replicates the caution boxes in the html docs and sidebar caution boxes in printed docs).
WarningThis is cautionary text block

For sidebar notes, use [note=sidebar][/note] (this replicates a simple indent in the html docs, and places the item in the sidebar in printed docs).
This is an sidebar text block

For quotes, use [quote][/quote] (this is used for quoting other material on the page, and should not be used in base documentation meant for printing also).
This is a quoted text block

For generic code, use [code][/code].

while (not working) decrease funds

For small code snippets, use [snippet][/snippet]. a=b+1

For Python code, [code=python][/code] or [python][/python].

python code

For ARexx code, [code=arexx][/code] or [arexx][/arexx]

arexx code

For AppleScript code, [code=applescript][/code] or [applescript][/applescript]

applescript code

Font and size coming?

1. footnotes are commonly used to site a reference or define a term


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