Stamping and Scrapbooking

by Deron Kazmaier

I would like to share with you how my computer neophyte wife uses PageStream. While her computer abilities may be lacking, her usage of PageStream is not only fun, but easy and cost effective! If you have a crafty person in your family, I'm sure you know all about the current rage of rubber stamps, scrapbooks and photo albums. Our local Walmart has a whole isle for this “new” craft, and in our small town of less than 8000 we even have an entire store of over 3,000 square feet dedicated to scrapbooking and stamping.

The concept is quite simple. Create greeting cards, announcements and photo album pages by hand using a combination of papers with fancy cut or torn edges, cute and sometimes folksy rubber stamps with various colors and effects, buttons, ribbons, and personalized or “stamped” messages.

These messages is where PageStream can make a difference. Designing the entire greeting card in PageStream is certainly easy enough but you loose that hand crafted look. Instead, print the sayings or words out to the size and shape you desire, then cut or tear them out and paste them to your work. You can choose the font of your choice, select the right color to match if you have a color printer, and even use ''TextFX'' to curve or warp your text in fun ways. Print the text out using outline type style and use pencils to fill in the letters for eye catching titles.

If your hand writing is anything like mine, your recipients will appreciate it, and compared to the cost of a single saying on a rubber stamp it won't take long to pay for PageStream, your computer, and your printer!

Hope you have enjoyed this mini idea.


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