Using Objects

Everything on a page is an object, whether it is a text block, text frame, picture, EPS graphic or polygon. PageStream provides five tools to manipulate objects:

 Object tool
Use the Object tool to edit, move and scale objects. When this tool is selected, you can manipulate with Object menu commands.

 Reshape tool
Use the Reshape tool to add, delete and move points in paths. You can also split and join paths, change arc angles, distort grid objects and modify table contents.

 Crop tool
Use the Crop tool to crop and shift the contents of framed graphic objects (pictures, drawings, and EPS illustrations).

 Rotate tool
Use the Rotate tool to rotate, slant and twist objects visually and to set the rotation about point.

 Lasso tool
Use the Lasso tool to edit, move and scale objects like the Object tool only that the drag selection method is a freehand shape instead of a box. When this tool is selected, you can manipulate with Object menu commands.

    Selecting Objects
    Working with Groups
    Working with Drawings
    Comparing Drawings with Groups


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Related Tips
To select an object behind another object, hold down Control and click on the object.
If you can't ungroup a drawing after importing, it's because the drawing is an uneditable drawing object. Choose Dissolve Drawing from the Drawing submenu in the Object menu to edit it. (Drawings may need to be ungrouped after dissolving, depending on whether the objects were grouped in the file.)