The ''Layers Palette'' allows you to select a layer to draw in, show and hide layers, lock layers, and delete layers; much like a drawing program. The main difference from a traditional drawing program is that you can have layers inside of layers, layers have a dimension which differs from the page size, and layers inside the active layer can be grabbed and the content changed with the object tool. Important distinctions in a desktop publishing program. If you import a drawing created in a traditional drawing program, that drawing may have layers, and you may import several such drawings on to a single page. PageStream can maintain the original layers, and the scope of each layer is limited to the parent layer, or if none, the page.

PageStream's layers are implemented as drawings themselves. Logically, a layer is a collection of objects that comprise a distinct drawing. Naming a drawing/layer enables easier manipulation in the layer palette, but it is not necessary to do so.

The active layer is the drawing or the page itself which contains the objects that are created and modified by the tools in the toolbox. If an imported drawing needs objects modified that comprise that drawing, you may make those changes without dissolving the drawing into a seemingly random collection of objects on the page. The active layer is set with the ''Layers Palette''.

    Creating Layers
    Naming Layers
    Flatten Layers
    Adjust Stack Order
    Active Drawing Layer
    Locking Layers
    Hiding Layers


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