Navigating a Picture

BME allows you to open as many pictures as you wish, limited only by the memory in your computer. Each picture exists in its own window. With virtual memory selected in ''Preferences'', you can break the memory barrier. Choose
''Preferences'' from the ''File'' menu and check the ''Use Virtual Memory'' box to use virtual memory.

SectionMoving around a picture
Unless you have a large monitor or are working on a small picture, you may not be able to see the whole picture at once with common view magnification levels. You can use the window's scrollbars to scroll the picture within the window if it is not fully visible.

Alternatively, you can select the ''Drag'' tool and then drag the picture with the left mouse buttons.

If you have a three button mouse, you can hold down the middle mouse buttons to drag the picture in the window.

SectionChanging view magnifications
BME allows you to enlarge or reduce the magnification of the picture in its window. You may want to zoom in to make pixel-level changes, or zoom out to see the picture as a whole.

Choose a view magnification level from the ''View'' pop-up in the picture window's status bar. The pop-up always shows the current view magnification level.

Alternatively, choose the ''Magnify'' tool and click on the part of the picture to enlarge, or hold down a Shift key and click to zoom out.


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