Font Preferences

''Font Preferences'' defines the folders of fonts for PageStream to use, as well as provide control of the internal font caching system. On Amiga OS3, Amiga OS4 and Morph OS platforms, these are the only fonts that are used within PageStream. On Windows and Linux, the standard system fonts are added automatically and ''Font Preferences'' provides a way to define additional fonts for PageStream that are not part of the standard system fonts.

PageStream supports two font systems: PostScript Type 1 (Windows or MS-DOS format) and TrueType/OpenType (Windows format only). Compugraphic Intellifont and PageStream DMF are not current supported.

NotePageStream5.0 currently does not save the individual font file information between sessions. Instead, the font folders are rescanned each time PageStream is run. Updating a selected font folder is only needed at this time if you change the contents of a font folder while PageStream is running.

    Installing Fonts for use with PageStream Amiga


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