Revision Log Entry

You may want to keep a log of changes made to a document so that you can determine later what changes were made. The revision log can be read at any time by choosing Reports from the Layout menu. Revision log entries can be listed, edited or deleted by choosing Revision History from the Layout menu.

To save a revision log with your documents: Choose Preferences from the File menu and click on the General tab. Select Keep History. Everytime you save a document, the Edit Revision Log Entry dialog box will be displayed so that you can enter what changes were made and have them recorded with the document.

By default, the minor revision number will be incremented by one (Bump Minor). You can change that by using the Version pop-up menu. Choose Bump Major to reset the minor revision number to zero, and increment the major revision number by one. Click OK to add the changes to the revision log. Click Skip if you don't want to record any changes to the revision log.


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