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#111NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutIncorrect subchapter numbering
Keywords:chapter number,chapter setup,document setup,insert chapter numbe
The subchapter numbering specified by a chapter is ignored. Numbering is always from the beginning of the document, regardless of the setting. For example: 1. - 1. 2. - 2. 3. 4. 5. - 3. - 4.
#110EnhancementAverageNewText EditingFont Collections
Keywords:font setup,font preferences
I propose a more font-management capability be embedded in PageStream. Although some platforms contain font managers to support them requires using their API which means duplicated work. To add such a capability to PageStream natively gives the same interface to all users on all platforms. 1. Adding fonts. Fonts can be added singly, multiple select or a...
#109EnhancementAverageNewText EditingFont handling enhancements
Keywords:font setup,font preferences
Okay, maybe this should be multiple enhancement requests, but they all have to do with the font handling. 1. Activate/Deactivate: allow an added font directory to be "deactivated". In such a case the fonts would not be listed in the font menus/dialogs, though if used and such text is selected the font would be listed at the top of the font menu as...
#107NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceSecond document blank or partial display
Under a second document opened is blank or only has a partial display with no updates or page changes possible. This was in some previous versions, being mostly fixed in, but now in 3.1 again. The version misdirected to ~deron directory was mostly fixed when I created the ~deron directory. This problem makes taking selected data from one...
#105TrivialAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceGoto Page requester inactive when opened
Keywords:goto page
When opening the "Goto Page" requester by clicking on the page button of the document window the document window retains focus. Expected behavior would be for the newly opened Goto Page requester to have focus.
#102NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceInsert Character dialog misdisplays
Keywords:insert character
Only the leftmost 2/3 glyphs in the menu: Insert/Character... dialog are displayed. The non-displayed glyphs can still be selected. In addition, the preview of the glyph has the same problem where only the leftmost ~1/2 of the glyph is shown.
#101MinorAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceFont preview is cropped
The font preview window shows a cropped view of the font sample. E.g., with Arial Regular the sample is cropped in the middle of the capital B.
#95NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsObject style corruption
Keywords:object style
I noticed some excess object style entries, figured it was typical PgS style proliferation that had happened some time and I removed them. Specifically, the object style was defined at the root level of the document but was duplicated in the chapter I was working on. I removed the excess definitions at the chapter level. I drew an object (single column text...
#94CriticalAverageNewDrawing ToolsMemory leak consecutively adding row/column to table
Steps to reproduce: 1. draw the base 4x4 table 2. selected top cell in column 4 and added a column in the edit palette 4. selected top cell in column 5 and added a column in the edit palette 5. ...infinite loop memory allocation Note that both the previously selected cell and the new cell are highlighted. Workaround: use the text tool to type some text in a...
#93EnhancementAverageNewDocument/LayoutAllow moving of styles in the document tree
Keywords:paragraph style,character style,text style,object style
In the style dialog Edit/Define/Text Styles... you can specify a level for a style when it is created, but you cannot later move a style. For example, if a style were created in a chapter it should be possible to move it to the root level of the document. Likewise, if a style were created at the root level of the document it should be possible to move it to...

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