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#271EnhancementAverageNewDocument/LayoutWould be great to have inner margins for tables
Keywords:Margins for tables
It may already exist, but I cannot find such a feature. I would wish to increase the space above some of the text in tables.
#266EnhancementAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceAdd built in font collection for "in use"
Keywords:font collection
Propose adding to the existing built in font collections one of "in use" which would show only those fonts in use in the document. This mirrors the filtering already provided for styles and would represent in side effect the font information available in reports.
#265NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutLayout of imported PDF files wrong
Keywords:PDF Layout
The layout of the attached PDF file is incorrect after import, regardless whether importing as "editable" or "accurate". Most notably, some of the line weights are too heavy and the text leading is wrong and some text lines overwrite one another. I think this particular problem may be because PgS does not use the embedded fonts but...
#256NormalAverageNewText EditingIncorrect font substitution when loading
Keywords:font substitution dialog
If a previous font substitution has been identified (remember was selected) and the font to substitute with is not available (e.g., because PgS uses different names than then the font is "lost" -- there is no clear indication in the font substitution dialog that the font to substitute with is missing (the selection drop down box...
#253NormalAverageNewPrintingBitmap printing fails to print when overwriting file
Keywords:bitmap print overwrite
When printing as a bitmap, PgS changes the specified filename. For example, if specifying "test.png" as the filename and printing a single page PgS will actually use "test1.png". If replacing that file so selecting it in the filesave requester PgS will prompt about overwriting the file but in fact will not, using instead...
#250EnhancementAverageNewDrawing ToolsPath adjustement with reshape tools
Keywords:Reshape tools
With reshape tools, in the edit palette, i shall prefer that coordinates are given in relatif. It allows to see faster what is made and It is easier to compare 2 different points. For example absolute Px: 100........cx1: 115..........cx2: 87 Py: 120........cy1: 125..........cy2: 103 Best for my: relatif Px: 100..........cx1: +15........cx2: -13 Py:...
#249NormalAverageNewText Editingrules and tabs
In one textbox, I have a line with rules (with carriage return, a paragraph line) if tabulations of the line of text are regular tabulations then , rules appear as defined in dialoguebox of rules if the first caracter in the line with rules is one tab then the rule above is removed if tabulations of the line of text are something else than regular...
#243EnhancementAverageNewDisplay/User Interfacenon-square snap-grids
Keywords:snap grid
Allow grid points for snap to grid to be non-square. For example, isometric or hexagonal grids. The square grid is a special case with two major points which differ if the grid is not square. The defined grid size would be the length of a "cell" measured along the grain. For square grid this is left/right and up/down. For a hexagonal grid this...
#242EnhancementAverageNewDrawing ToolsAdd hex grid as type of grid that can be drawn
Keywords:hex grid
Currently the grid tool allows one to draw square grids. Proposed enhancement is to allow the drawing of hexagonal grids with this tool and some additional enhancements. 1. In the edit palette the ability to choose between square and hex, similar to the ability to choose corner type for the rectangle. Hex grids introduce some additional configuration...
#235EnhancementAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceWidth of palette increases to accomodate entries
Keywords:palette width increase
Currently palette width grows without bound to accommodate the length of the longest entry. This behavior is not always desirable, such as when a set amount of screen space is to be devoted to each window and palette. In such cases having a fixed size is preferable with scrolling as needed to show the entire name as is already the case for palette height....

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