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#126NormalAverageAssignedText EditingFind/Change scope
The scope for Find/Change is always article, no matter what is selected in the drop down menu.
#304MajorAverageNewInstallationDoesn't run in Windows7 Professional (64-bit)
Keywords:Windows7 Professional 64-bit
When starting the application for the first time on my new Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) computer, I receive the following error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application." I have tried running under XP in Windows Compatibility Mode with "Run as Administrator" checked and that didn't...
#305NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutStyle inheritance/based-on not working
Keywords:style inheritance
The possibility of setting a style to use the parent style's settings seems to have disappeared. For example, if subhead1 is defined as 18pt with 100% space before and subhead2 is defined as 14pt it should inherit the 100% space before. This used to work, and still does for styles created that way. But if adding subhead3 in affected version with 12pt the...
#301EnhancementAverageNewText EditingAllow defining breaks in paragraph styles
Keywords:break style
Allow defining a page/column break before/after the style. This could be added to Paragraph Format, the Spacing option. E.g., Space Before - <As Is> - None - Relative - Fixed - Column Break - Page Break Because none/relative/fixed are moot in the event of starting at the top of a text frame, which would always be the case for a page or column...
#292MajorAverageNewDocument/LayoutIncompatible system font selection between &
Keywords:system font problem
I discovered a problem in the way deals with system fonts. How to replicate: Create a new document in, type some text, change it to Wingdings (Standard XP font), save document. Open file in, and you receive an error it can't find 'Windings'. No Wingdings appears on the font list, but a "Wingdings Regular' does. Change the...
#298MajorHighNewText EditingRecent versions of PageStream are insert a visible box with hard spaces
Keywords:em space, en space
Beginning at some point after Windows version, if a hard space character such as the em- and en-spaces is undefined in the font, PageStream inserts an open rectangle glyph at the leading edge of the inserted space. The glyph appears on screen, in PDFs, and probably in printed output. It will also be seen on screen when edited in older versions of...
#251NormalAverageNewText Editingadjust style of paragraph
Keywords:Style paragraph
To change a style of existent paragraph does not work. They can only create a new style, but afterwards, they cannot change it any more. Edit a style does not bring in good situation. Style is not changed, a new style is created. Also to erase a style does not work. Option to erase brings on the same menu as to create or to change...
#297NormalAverageNewText Editingoperations between two open files
Two files open side-by-side. Highlight text in one window and perform any of several operations - tracking, leading, cut/paste etc ... action will take place in last window used, not necessarily the one highlighted. Only way to be sure action takes place in the correct window appears to be to move forward or back a page in the desired window (then return to...
#294EnhancementAverageAssignedDrawing ToolsHandling Bézier curves
Keywords:node curve handle
I like the vector drawings, Bézier-curves. I like to have more editing possibilities: In ARTexpression (Amiga drawing/illustration program) you could also make straight lines into a curve (line to curve: | -> ) ), and curve into a straight line (curve to line: ) -> | ). A straight line doesn't have curve handles at a node (point handle). Joining...
#290MinorLowReopenedDrawing ToolsStrange enlarge barrier for redrawing
Keywords:redraw speed vector
PGS can enlarge until 3000%. PGS is fast for redrawing drawings (vector like) until 1300%. When excessing this amount (like 1400% and so on) the redraw is becoming much and much slower. Especially when you want to edit the vectors. Strange but not a big one.

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