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#17NormalAverageNewText EditingText wrap ignores left indent of drop cap
Keywords:paragraph format,drop caps,margin,left indent
For many cases of text flow with left-aligned graphic the text over writes the drop cap. This appears to be a situation where left-indents are ignored if there is a text wrap in effect.
#53NormalAverageNewScriptingScript command GetPicture returns invalid picture path on Linux
The filepath returned for an external picture by the script command GetPicture is prefixed with file://
#52MinorAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceStroked fonts mis-display
Keywords:text stroke
If the stroke for the font lines is enough to cause overlap the font is misdisplayed. To show this type some text in 12pt or so and set the stroke to 1 point. Actually found by Rodney Lee Volkmar and reported to the list. Posting here to keep it visible.
#51NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsPath union causes seg-fault
Keywords:path math,path union
I have used path union to nice effect, but in a project where I was effectively adding parts in with the union it got to a point where PgS runs for quite a while and then seg-faults. I suspect it is either the number of points and separate paths involved or perhaps some specific detail in a path. I noticed that some paths I created as closed aren't, ending...
#49NormalAverageNewText EditingParagraph attributes aren't
Keywords:paragraph attributes,paragraph format,paragraph style,paragraph
Current behavior: Click somewhere in a paragraph and set a paragraph style or attributes and nothing happens. Paragraph attributes are only evaluated at the beginning of a paragraph. Inserts, moves and deletes cause style and attribute crud to accumulate, in some cases to the point where you get @P1:@P2:@P1 repeated. Or a paragraph attribute will cling to...
#47NormalAverageNewDocument/LayoutLandscape pages have incorrect inner/outer margins
Keywords:page orientation,landscape,inside outside margin
When setting up landscape pages they use left and right for inner and outer margins rather than top and bottom. Yeah, this has always been this way, but its annoying. What I inevitably end up doing is rotating the objects and using portrait because I'm printing front and back. The alternative would be to have separate left and right master pages, but that...
#46NormalAverageNewText EditingCan't copy inline graphics
Keywords:inline graphic,copy
First place a graphic inline. Place the graphic and size it as desired. Copy the graphic and paste it into a text frame (text cursor selected). Copy the inline graphic and paste it: although apparently *something* gets pasted there is nothing visible.
#44NormalAverageNewScriptingScript command GetPath() not stripping file://
The GetPath command does not strip the file:// prefix from all prefs paths. Specifically: FILTERS: file:///home/tim/Desktop/PgS5.0.1.36/SoftLogik/Filters ENGINES: file:///home/tim/Desktop/PgS5.0.1.36/SoftLogik/Engines EFFECTS: file:///home/tim/Desktop/PgS5.0.1.36/SoftLogik/Effects PRINTERS: file:///home/tim/Desktop/PgS5.0.1.36/SoftLogik/Printers...
#37MinorAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceIncorrect fpo display
Keywords:picture,picture fpo,external graphic
At least for a document saved from PgS 4, FPO was set to coarse. Load in PgS and the picture is boxed at the right size, but the FPO is shrunk in the upper left corner. According to info the FPO was normal instead of coarse. I set it to coarse and the display was correct....
#36NormalAverageNewText EditingMulti-line TextFX loses second line
Keywords:textfx,frameless text object
If I try to use two lines (each half a circle) the first line overflows to the second. If I try to use a three line (with the middle line across the circle) I get the same results, except for adding the third line (the first line is truncated with the remainder being used on the second line, the third line is properly placed). I then tried the...

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