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#323EnhancementAverageNewFile OperationsIncrease the maximum number "Recently Viewed Files" or make the number of files editable by the user
Keywords:Files Recently Viewed
#322EnhancementAverageNewDrawing ToolsMake the Line Weight & Color Editable In Line & Fill in the Object drop down menu
Keywords:Object Line & Fill Weight Color
It would be really a big help to someone who does a lot of drawing with PageStream if the default Line Weight and Color could be changed by the user. It's really tiresome constantly having to change line weight and color when doing a lot of drawing.
#321NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsPath union does not always work correctly
Keywords:path union
Path union does not always work correctly, either leaving gaps in the boundary or having doubled paths in the boundary or having extraneous lines that connect boundary points. So far I have not identified any common factor to explain when the problem will occur, but it seems likely that at least one component is the relative positioning of the two paths...
#241NormalAverageNewText EditingIllustration pasted in text gone after 'Send to editor'
Keywords:Illustration paste text gone
I make an illustration (drawing / ilus) for every formula (with lines instead of underlines) and place this illustration in the text, meaning: I paste the drawing into text so that I don't have to worry about moving it with the text (when adding extra lines). Now there was something absolutely wrong with the text after inserting (paste) text with text...
#252NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsUnpredictable behavior of resizing, not grouped, drawings
Keywords:drawing resizing
I've got an illustration with some objects and some text. When they are grouped all looks and works as expected. But an ungrouped illustration, all the objects selected, which I want to stretch give unexpected results. 1. Make the illustration a bit smaller, sometimes it works, but a bit more smaller it almost looks if the whole illustration is on one...
#320NormalAverageNewPrintingErroneous stroked outline
Under certain circumstances some objects that do NOT have an outline stroke set will print with one defined for other object(s) on the page. For example, on a page with a few text frames styled with an object style that set a 2pt line stroke for outline four additional objects (PNG images) were stroked with an outline even though none of the four had an...
#318EnhancementAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceNeed new icons
How about some depth!
#314NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceTab edit window won't resize in place
Keywords:tab edit window resize
The tab edit window won't resize in place. To reproduce: - select text - press command-T - use resize gadget (lower right) to resize the window. Tab edit window disappears and an outline appears at top of pagestream window; the outline resizes from the centre, which to me is counter-intuitive, having already positioned the left edge to the text or text...
#313NormalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfacePasting values into the edit palette duplicates with offset instead of edit
Keywords:paste values edit palette offset duplicate
You can't copy and paste values from/into the edit palette as you can under Amiga Pagestream In contrast, under Amiga Pagestream you can select and copy values from one input box on the edit palette, then in another input box enter a math operator and paste the copied values behind the operator, press enter and voila the new value has been...
#307NormalAverageNewText EditingClicking requester cancel closes unsaved document
Keywords:click cancel close document
Error? Downloaded Mac OS X demo, but file icon "get info" displays However, pagestream "about" menu displays pro. BUG: When working on an unsaved document, clicking the close gadget brings up a confirmation request, but clicking on "cancel" closes the document anyway, following which the toolbox is NOT...

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