Bug #327 - Leaving a checkmark in Type/Language menu doesn't work
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:Janne Peräaho
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:Fixed in 10:50:11
Category:Display/User InterfaceUpdated:2011-12-10 10:50:11
Summary:Leaving a checkmark in Type/Language menu doesn't work
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PageStream marks wrong language as selected when you select other language than American, British, Cestina, Dansk, or Deutsch.

How to reproduce the bug:
1) Select "Esperanto" from the Type/Language menu.
2) Open the Type/Language menu again, and you will see that the checkmark is in front of "Greek" and not in front of "Esperanto" as it should be.

If you select "Greek", PageStream marks "Magyar". Selecting "Italiano" makes PageStream to mark "Nederlands", and so on.

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-12-11 03:21:51

I do not have that problem, and I do write in English (not the problem I know), and mostly in Dutch (Nederlands).

Did you select the text, and then (!) select the language? I just did it your way (I hope). The common language is Dutch (Nederlands) and I changed it into Svenska. Well, it stays Svenska. Also Esperanto works...

Janne Peräaho wrote...2011-12-11 09:42:16

Yes I did. I had a text block, selected its content, and then chose a language.

I have a book written in Finnish and I need to change the language to Finnish (Suomi) because I need Finnish hyphenation.

I just tried reinstalling PageStream but it didn't help. The Language menu still doesn't work.

This is the content of my Language menu:

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-12-11 10:05:21

OK, now we need to know which PGS version (here it seems to be, but the other bug - 328 - it is
And what platform!
I am using Windows 7. And for what it is worth: I don't recall such a bug (200Cool.
At least you are using a beta, so why won't you try

The content of the language menu is the same here.

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-12-11 10:06:05

(200Cool should read (2008 )

Janne Peräaho wrote...2011-12-11 10:18:58

I thought I selected MacOSX when I created the bug report, but I guess not :-/
The PGS version should be in the other bug report, too. Sorry about that.

PageStream Pro 10/11/10
Mac OS X 10.6.8

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-12-11 10:29:19

(200Cool should read (2008 )

Deron Kazmaier wrote...2011-12-29 23:01:30

This works properly for me in the current in house release so I presume this is something fixed, but I don't see any notes to indicate a change was made in this area and it would probably be the same on all platforms. So either "works for me" or "fixed in".\n\n[Status updated to \'Fixed in\' on Thu, 29 Dec 2011 23:01:30 -0500]

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Bug #327 - Leaving a checkmark in Type/Language menu doesn't work by Janne Peräaho   
  created:2011-12-10 10:50:11   last updated:2011-12-10 10:50:11
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