Bug #324 - Path exclusive does not work correct
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:T.J. Zweers
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2011-11-08 12:08:55
Category:Drawing ToolsUpdated:2011-11-08 12:08:55
Summary:Path exclusive does not work correct
Attached Files:PGSpath & split.jpgLen:16,602 bytesMD5:b6b7df3ac8e46adb8b7872fae0c9c9c6
 PGSpath & split1.jpgLen:16,602 bytesMD5:b6b7df3ac8e46adb8b7872fae0c9c9c6
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Probably the same as: Bug #321 - Path union does not always work correctly (and then again not: PGS behaves the same as with this union)

I type an e (or: O, P, q, etc.), make it into a Path. Then I do a Split. The inner part of the form is black. I make that white.
I select all and do a Path Exclusive.

Now it does not look like the e I started with.

BTW: PageStream makes a perfect e.

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-11-08 12:27:22

I have no idea why I have two jpg's added.
One should do. Smile

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Bug #324 - Path exclusive does not work correct by T.J. Zweers   
  created:2011-11-08 12:08:55   last updated:2011-11-08 12:08:55
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