Bug #319 - Sometimes cannot copy and paste
Product:PageStream (Windows)Reported By:T.J. Zweers
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:Works for MeReported:2011-06-08 15:53:40
Category:Text EditingUpdated:2011-06-08 15:53:40
Summary:Sometimes cannot copy and paste
Keywords:copy paste
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Besides that PGS doesn't load and save a document (bug 317), now and then PGS cannot copy and paste between different programs (but not at the same time). For instance between the text editor notepad or a bitmap program. But also from the text in a document to a paste in the Lookup Word...

Just as in bug 317 I cannot find any clue what this does. A complete reboot (turn computer off, and then on again), can (!) fix this problem.

A way around this (for text) is 'send text to editor' script.

A beside: PGS does work at the same configuration (after I quit PGS ).

All this is on Windows 7. I have stopped some of the automatic start-ups (see bug 317).

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-06-12 11:24:57

I forgot to add:
I cannot copy (and paste) inside the PGS document itself. Let alone to another PGS document.
The same goes for text, bitmap, or vector illustrations.

T.J. Zweers wrote...2011-06-29 03:23:59

I can duplicate while PGS is not able to copy and paste.

T.J. Zweers wrote...2012-04-10 14:46:55

I close this bug, because it doesn't exist for about a month:

I had those problems for about almost two years, since PGS came out: October 2010. The strange thing is/was, that PGS was still working, when PGS didn't.

I am (was) the only with this bug!

So what has changed?
It's still the same computer, the same main-board, the same second hard-disk.
The on-board graphics card was broken, so I got me a new graphic board. And I went from 2 to 4 GB RAM.
At about the same time my first hard-disk failed too. So, I have a SSD (Solid-state drive) as first disk (C:\\) now.

PGS is still at the same place on the second hard-disk, so the same configuration.
The repair shop put a new Windows Pro on it (so not the HP version).

So the bug was initialized by HP Windows 7? Probably. But what?
Or the small amount of RAM (first 2 MB)? Don't think so.
The old disk wasn't fast enough (SSD is fast!)? No, could be.
Was PGS the problem? No, not really, since it is exactly the same PGS. Only strange was that worked, when not. So everything pointed to

Oh, I remember another thing:
On the old configuration the computer went to sleep after not using it.
On the new configuration the computer never get to sleep.
\n\n[Status updated to \'Works for Me\' on Tue, 10 Apr 2012 14:46:55 -0400]

T.J. Zweers wrote...2012-05-05 03:00:43

I left out a big change (I didn't install Windows myself).

I use the 64 bit version of Windows 7!

(And I installed the 32 bit version of Windows 7 two years ago, just to be sure that PGS does works!)

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Bug #319 - Sometimes cannot copy and paste by T.J. Zweers   copy paste
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