Bug #314 - Tab edit window won't resize in place
Product:PageStream (MacOSX)Reported By:Ernest Unrau
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2010-10-26 10:14:21
Category:Display/User InterfaceUpdated:2010-10-26 10:14:21
Summary:Tab edit window won't resize in place
Keywords:tab edit window resize
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The tab edit window won't resize in place.

To reproduce:
- select text
- press command-T
- use resize gadget (lower right) to resize the window. Tab edit window disappears and an outline appears at top of pagestream window; the outline resizes from the centre, which to me is counter-intuitive, having already positioned the left edge to the text or text object's left edge and wishing to expand/resize the edit window out to the right.

Another suggestion: My preference would be for the tab format window (and any similar format window for that matter) to pop up as integral tof the text box/object one is editing (and would therefore scale according to the text object or text box) rather than popping up as a separate window that one doesn't know intuitively how it relates to the text in question. Of course it might be useful if one could "tear-off" the tab edit header if desired, and perhaps even change the zoom factor on it independent of the page for the purpose of fine editing the tab settings - that bears some thought.


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Bug #314 - Tab edit window won't resize in place by Ernest Unrau   tab edit window resize
  created:2010-10-26 10:14:21   last updated:2010-10-26 10:14:21
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