Bug #3 - Navigator window expand w/o limit to accomodate tip text
Product:PageStream (Linux)Reported By:Tim Doty
Severity:NormalAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
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Status:NewReported:2004-01-15 01:57:00
Category:Display/User InterfaceUpdated:2004-01-15 01:57:00
Summary:Navigator window expand w/o limit to accomodate tip text
Keywords:navigator,widget/gadget/control display
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Sorry if I missed this, but I didn't see it in bugzilla.

This is most easily demonstrated with the tips in the navigator window. Just cycle through the tips and watch the window expand. Or, try the following:

1. Edit/Define/Text Styles
2. Start selecting different styles to see what they are
3. Watch the window expand horizontally
4. Notice that the user cannot resize the window narrower than an ever widening width

Fundamentally I don't think the text box should be dictating the window size and my experience with perl/Tk and just now messing around with the gtk text widget seems to affirm this.

It appears to me that what is happening is that the box is configured to not break words in the middle and that, instead of dropping that word to the next line, it is expanding the box and forcing the window wider.

I couldn't find any option in gtk to affect where the wordwrap option breaks the word, but I also couldn't get the widget to expand, no matter what the text I was inserting into the widget. It always dropped the word that would break to the next line.

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Bug #3 - Navigator window expand w/o limit to accomodate tip text by Tim Doty   navigator,widget/gadget/control display
  created:2004-01-15 01:57:00   last updated:2004-01-15 01:57:00
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