Bug #116 - Index mark entry gadget option/replacement
Product:PageStream (All Platforms)Reported By:Gary Lee Smith
Severity:EnhancementAssigned To:Deron Kazmaier
Priority:Average sign in to watch (1 is watching)
Status:NewReported:2006-05-20 20:22:00
Category:Text EditingUpdated:2006-05-20 20:22:00
Summary:Index mark entry gadget option/replacement
Keywords:insert index mark,define index mark
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Request option or replacement of present Insert Index Mark selector with one similar to the Font selector "Choose" option, or one identical to the selector used in Define Index Marks.
With only several hundred Index Marks defined, the present requester takes close to 30 seconds waiting to get to the other end of the list, which seems to randomly go to the less often used end of the alphabetical list.

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Bug #116 - Index mark entry gadget option/replacement by Gary Lee Smith   insert index mark,define index mark
  created:2006-05-20 20:22:00   last updated:2006-05-20 20:22:00
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