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#317NormalAverageReopenedText EditingDoesn't load or save a document
Keywords:not loading saving document
PGS has, now and then (!), a problem which I can't put a finger on. Then PGS cannot open a document, nor can it save a new made document (when there is text in it). Loading: Unable to load document because IFF CTXT filter not found (and Abort to click away this requester). Loading an empty (!) document does work. Saving: Unable to load...
#336CriticalAverageNewText EditingPagestream crashes when selecting Screen ... dialog
Keywords:AmigaOS 4.1, screen
When trying to select the Screen ... dialog from File->System Preferences, Pagestream crashes. Guru Meditation: 80000003 Task 0x607cfc50 ("PageStream5Pro" generated an error of type DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) on address 0x2028a94 Redzone was not damaged Stackpointer is inside...
#335NormalAverageNewDisplay/User Interface
Keywords:Edit Palette disappeared, will not display
I have now lost access to the edit palette so I cannot size, move, etc., any item on the page by the usual means, this makes it extremely difficult to do any work with PageStream. I could not find anyone else reporting this bug so I thought I'd better mention it, and ask for it to...
#334NormalAverageNewText EditingHyphenation is case sensitive
I've noticed that the automatic hyphenation is case sensitive. Because of it, PGS refuses to hyphenate any word starting with an uppercase letter. (Inserting a soft hyphen works as expected.) The case sensitivity appears only in the text frames, not in the "Define Hyphenation" window where you can search words from the hyphenation exception...
#332CriticalAverageNewDisplay/User InterfaceSelecting character set crashes PGS
Setting character set to UTF-16 makes PGS to crash. To reveal the bug, do as follows: 1. Open PGS Preferences. 2. Select Type preferences. 3. Change CharSet to UTF-16. 4. Click Save.
#163NormalAverageReopenedFile OperationsPGS does not open after closing
Keywords:opening PGS twice without closing two requesters
1. Open PGS. 2. Open Edit/Define/Kerning Pairs. Leave it open. 3. Open Edit/Define/Hyphenation. Leave it open. 4. Close PGS. 5. Open PGS. Well, it will not. Windows comes with a crash error. Because PGS did not close properly. It still exists in memory. CTRL-ALT-DEL will show this. After closing PGS with this Windows Task manager, PGS will start up as...
#326EnhancementAverageNewDisplay/User Interfacesnap to object with visual indicators
Keywords:snap visual indicator
Other layout programs provide a visual indicator for alignment with another object's left/center/right (or top/center/bottom). What this does is facilitate aligning objects either in position or size when using the mouse to move or size them. Currently, the same result is possible using PageStream's alignment functionality but for a more...
#325EnhancementAverageNewText EditingPDF export auto-rasterize
Keywords:pdf export raster
Any presentation element, such as a shape filled transparency gradient, that is not otherwise supported by the PDF export should be rasterized appropriately and substituted for the original when exporting to PDF. Rasterization parameters could be added as options to the PDF export dialog (e.g., setting the dpi), or if the interface were extended further...
#324NormalAverageNewDrawing ToolsPath exclusive does not work correct
Probably the same as: Bug #321 - Path union does not always work correctly (and then again not: PGS behaves the same as with this union) I type an e (or: O, P, q, etc.), make it into a Path. Then I do a Split. The inner part of the form is black. I make that white. I select all and do a Path Exclusive. Now it does not look like the e I...
#229NormalAverageNewDocument/Layoutpathological text flow
Keywords:dropcap italics text wrap
I just discovered a pathological text flow situation. Unfortunately I'm having a bit of a time reproducing it outside of the original context. I have managed to twice, but I'm not sure I've got the necessary steps right. 1. create new document 2. create two column text frame 3. fill with LoremIpsum 4. style the first paragraph with a drop cap...

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